Tag: workforce

Worker Realization

UNITED STATES—There has been so much conversation in the past 18 months about the workforce in America and how so many businesses are facing...

Santa Monica Launches New Online Survey

SANTA MONICA—On Monday, March 1, the city of Santa Monica launched a new online survey seeking input from Santa Monica’s workforce related to their...

College Graduates During Economic Mayhem

UNITED STATES─One would think this would be the best time of one’s life for those graduating from college. However, that momentous moment might be...

Blunt Talk

UNITED STATES—I always wondered if there ever were truly a difference between constructive criticism and blunt talk. I mean when one really thinks about...

Utilizing That College Degree

UNITED STATES—For more than four years, you attended that university taking classes to obtain that degree that you were interested in. Notice the key...

Lazy Workers

UNITED STATES—What is it about Americans being so lazy nowadays? It seems like no matter what you do, getting people to actively do their...
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