Tag: young adults

Fed Up With The Bull-Crap!

UNITED STATES—I guess I am someone who takes my job quite seriously. I don’t like to play around or doddle when it comes to...

Responsibilities For Young Adults

UNITED STATES—I had an interesting discussion with someone recently about what constitutes someone as an adult. Is it turning the age 18, what about...

Gift Giving 101

UNITED STATES—What makes the perfect gift? Last week we chatted about the notion of overspending for Christmas, but this week I really want to...

Taking On Adult Responsibilities

UNITED STATES—I’ve always asked myself the question at times, at what age should a child begin to take on adult responsibilities? Should it be...

Feedback Wanted From Young Adults In West Hollywood

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The city of West Hollywood is looking for feedback from young adults in the community as part of an effort to ensure those...
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