UNITED STATES—I guess I am someone who takes my job quite seriously. I don’t like to play around or doddle when it comes to handling business matters. However, I keep learning I cannot expect everyone to behave and think the same way that I do. With that said my tolerance for bull-crap and just silly games I cannot stand it. Look, I know millennials get a lot of criticism for their antics and behaviors, but perhaps there might be some truth to it.

It does NOT apply to all, but I have dealt with far too many millennials who seem to think its ok to sit on their butts and do nothing most of the day. It’s like a rite of passage for so many of them to do nothing. It boggles my mind I have tried to understand it, but nothing seems to make sense no matter what. They expect you to drop whatever you are doing when they have an issue. So many refuse to take accountability for their actions and worst of all the level of entitlement that some of them have is infuriating.

I have never been around so many people who think THEY know it all, they have the answers to all when it comes to the world and refuses to accept constructive criticism when given to them. Look if you had all the answers to everything, your bum would not be here learning from someone who is an expert in their field! Please somebody, anybody tell me where this semblance of ‘entitlement’ comes from. Is it from helicopter parenting? The fact that the kids have been taught they have to win at all costs or always receive a prize even though they lost? Is it technology or just a generational thing?

Where are the answers to those questions? I wish I could give them to you, but I can’t so any feedback or advice that you can provide I’m all ears for it America. All ears right now because I simply cannot deal with it any longer. I’m tired, I’m exhausted, I’m frustrated, I’m angry and above all: I’m annoyed. I don’t have the patience anymore to attempt to teach, guide and help those who refuse to just listen. That is perhaps the thing that annoys me more than anything; people do NOT listen to what information is being shared to them.

Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Take it from me? There is a reason people say that over and over again, they are hoping to prevent you from driving down a path that they previously traveled down, one that can be stressful, exhausting and a host of other things America. Life is not easy so when someone can give you an edge or a heads up on how to handle a situation before it strikes you right at the core, you should take advantage of it.

Do not be dismissive, rude and a know-it-all. Ugh, I really hate a know-it-all, especially when he or she knows NOTHING at all. Sometimes you have to allow them to fall flat on their face and learn the hard way. It might be brutal and difficult to overcome in the beginning, however, it is what it is, sometimes people have to fall flat on their face sometimes to realize the real world is not kind to fools.

Written By Zoe Mitchell