HOLLYWOOD—The wait is almost over “General Hospital” fans. On Tuesday, September 19 Steve Burton will return to the soap where he portrayed Jason Morgan for nearly 20 years. However, that role has since been taken over by Billy Miller, and I’ll say it now, Miller has done damn good work reinventing a character to make him his own and not risk alienating the audience. There is still some major mystery around the return of Burton and just what character he is slated to play, but it seems based on recent tidbits hinted we could be looking at another twin mystery America.

At the core of this mystery, believe it or not is Franco. Yup, Franco the same guy who find himself immersed in the Jason drama all those years ago when everyone was certain that Franco and Jason were brothers. We later come to realize it was a bit of a fiasco/ruse concocted by Heather Webber. Good ole Heather, that woman sure as hell knows how to keep a secret. Turns out Franco was her son and that his father was Scott, not Alan Quartermaine.

However, a recent photo Franco discovered in his belongings of two little boys seems to be echoing a bigger mystery for “GH” fans. Who are the two boys and why can’t Franco recall the picture? Franco knows he is in the picture, but that other kid, the one who he used to coin his ‘imaginary friend’ might not be so fake after all! This is confirmed after Jake discovers a photo Monica sent of Jason as a little boy, who just happens to look JUST LIKE the kid in the photo with Franco.

Desperate to get to the truth, Franco considers speaking to Heather on Scott’s advice, but also reaches out to his mother Betsy to see what she knows about the picture. While the evidence seems to be pointing to another baby switch or fake out, audiences will start to piece the puzzle together when Burton finally arrives on the canvas and we finally discover his character’s name. Hopefully that will be a major clue to the big mystery at play.

Speaking of Jason, that shooting has not only placed him in the hospital, but a coma. Sam is lashing out at everyone per usual; God sometimes I think this character tries way too hard to inflict emotions on the viewer. It’s like a merry-go-round; it’s the same thing over and over and over again America. Carly, Sonny, Alexis, Kristina, Molly and the rest of the gang has rallied around Sam in her time of need, just as Elizabeth and Franco deal with a bit of guilt over their past actions.

The Jason mystery is not the only drama transpiring in PC, Curtis and Jordan finally decided to go public with their relationship, regardless of how Stella feels about things. I mean the woman can try as much as she wants, but nothing was going to split these two up. Ava has taken Valentin’s offer to seek treatment to have her face reconstructed to retain her beauty. Ava making a deal with Valentin is like making a deal with the Devil, nothing ever turns out great. I’m quite pleased with the writers’ ability to build the chemistry and sparks between Griffin and Ava. They finally shared a kiss, but Griffin pulled away people.

Griffin and Kiki are worried that Ava might be chasing false hope, but perhaps the Baronski clinic actually exists. I mean we all know that Valentin had major reconstruction on his face and body to look the way he looks today, so there may be hope for Ava Jerome after all people. The bigger question of the hour is rather she actually deserves it after all the wicked things she did. Nelle’s dirty past has come to light at last, but it still hasn’t delivered the blow Carly, Bobbie or Felicia expected regarding her relationship with Michael.

I hate to say it, but I’m almost certain we could be finding out come November that the Jason who we thought was Jason, isn’t that guy, and if that is the case, I’m dying to figure out how the writers plan to explain this convoluted and a stretch of a narrative that will indeed have viewers scratching their heads. You just have to remember this is a soap opera so believability doesn’t always matter; anything can happen.