HOLLYWOOD—The faces of the past just keep on changing the landscape of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” I mean it all started with Sheila Carter returning to town and delivering a bomb by revealing that Finn is her son. That was followed by Deacon returning to want to be in his daughter Hope’s life. Now, we have the return of Taylor Hayes, but we have a new face portraying Ridge’s former wife, in actress Krista Allen. Krista has only appeared in a few episodes, but so far so good. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was missing Hunter Tylo. I mean the actress made the character iconic.

Taylor’s return is very interesting right now because Ridge and Brooke’s marriage is on thin ice as a direct result of Deacon Sharpe. Ridge doesn’t want Deacon anywhere around his family or wife, Hope is against it, and Brooke is supporting her daughter is causing major problems. So who is Ridge leaning on? Taylor people and I must admit there is a spark there. For the most part, Ridge has been faithful to Brooke, except for that odd tryst he had with Quinn. So him hooking up with Taylor would not surprise me to say the least. In addition, it would be riveting drama to see Brooke and Taylor at war over Ridge yet again, because it has been such awhile since that happened.

I mean you have Deacon who thinks he has a chance with Brooke, which has Sheila laughing as well as myself. Even if Ridge was to give into temptation with Taylor, I don’t see Brooke rekindling her romance with Deacon, and if the rumors of Bridgette coming back to town are true, that means it absolutely will NOT TRANSPIRE! This chaos unfolding right here is one to watch people.

With that said, Steffy is starting to annoy me a bit. She is sticking her nose too often in other people’s drama. Focus on your orbit and Finn. Something tells me with Taylor back in town, Sheila is really about to amplify her mission to reunite with her son and grandson, and threats are about to be issued and it serves Steffy right people, and Taylor might be collateral damage as a result. I cannot wait to see Sheila and Taylor to come face-to-face people.

As for Thomas his crush on Paris has fizzled as quickly as he said it. I think the writers realized that was a romance that viewers really weren’t buying and just came out of thin air and that is never good in my opinion. Which brings me to the point of where the hell is Bill Spencer? Why haven’t we seen this character and him cause a little shakeup in things? We know he is hoping to reunite with Katie, but Katie seems drawn to Carter, who isn’t really sure what he wants. Hell, I don’t think the writers know what they want at this point either.

Bill and Taylor would be a fun match. Why? Ridge hates Bill and would NOT want to see his ex with this guy, and I think Steffy and Thomas would feel the same way. It would add an entire new element of drama for the “Bold and Beautiful” landscape and I would be all for it America and I mean all for it people. Taylor is already pushing an agenda. She wants Thomas living back with Douglas. Hmm, I don’t think that is wise, your son was emotionally abusive to his child in his quest to win Hope, it was difficult and scary to watch and I think she’s about to stir drama that she did not expect.