HELLO AMERICA!—Watching and listening to President Trump’s lame dissertation, concerning the shooting at the Jewish Synagogue on television, it made me more acutely aware that he is basically responsible for the horror our nation is experiencing concerning racial and religious discontent and his determination to exclude all those who don’t look like himself will not qualify for any consideration in becoming a part of the American experience. It is quite obvious that this administration will do anything to maintain power, even if it means dividing the nation in every conceivable way.

The rise of the Nationalists, a group which Trump proudly announced he is a proud member is without a doubt represents the racist group of whites who are allied with such groups as the KKK, David Duke’s club members, ultra-right organizations that flood nearly every state in the union, determined to limit voting privileges any way possible.

President Trump’s shallow expressions of discontent with efforts being made, especially in the south, to make it nearly impossible for blacks to vote, is so transparent when watching and listening to him on television, one wonders when the storm of discontent and anger will turn into a civil combustion much bigger and louder than that of the combustible civil attitudes during the 60s.

Fortunately, television serves as a window which is able to see beyond the image being projected to the world.  He was forced to make an appearance concerning Charlottesville, his denunciation of the recent bombs being delivered to all of those who dared to speak out against what he is doing to America as commander-in-chief.  The viewer can hear, as well as see if he is projecting the truth concerning controversial situations and so many other things affecting their lives.

There is no doubt that television is a revealing force enabling people to see and feel the truth when delivered.  It is something impossible for radio which dominated the world all the years previous to the advent of the TV camera, therefore; it is rather insulting for our president to believe that those of us who are sensitive, even with cognitive power, swallow his shallow words of horror relating to the murder of all of the Jewish members of the Pittsburg synagogue. One of his greatest weaknesses is that he underestimates the so-called average thinking power of the so-called average American citizen.

Eventually, they begin to see and hear the reality of what is going on around them and when they do, that is when the fire begins to burn to a point of no-return. All one has to do is pull a history book and read, it is as simple as that.  Television is an open door to truth; it is one that is not to be taken lightly. Many have attempted to hide the truth especially when focused on the arts, religion and always the dark side of politics. Hitler utilized film to spread his poison, but it also caused his demise; the world woke up causing a kind of human earthquake which saved millions of lives, as well as, the democracy for which so many sacrificed as well as giving their lives.

Therefore, whatever has to be done to maintain respect and support Freedom of the Press, which is determined in the Constitution, should be done. It is paramount that we not forget who we are, as well as, why we are Americans.