UNITED STATES—When many people think about Britain, there are lots of stereotypes that come to mind. Rich aristocrats living in Downton Abbey-style mansions, riding horses and wearing top hats and tails, and people with poorly cared-for teeth, sipping tea on the lawn are just some of the images that you probably imagine when thinking of the UK! One other common British trait which so often comes to mind is the Brits’ love of Bingo. And it certainly seems as if that stereotype, at the very least, is based on fact. In the UK, bingo has been a popular pastime for generations, but just why is bingo so big over the pond?

The Nation’s Pastime

The UK’s love of bingo is nothing new. In fact, it’s been a passion for generations. As long ago as the 1940s, British men and women were regularly popping out with their friends to bingo halls up and down the country where they could enjoy food, drink and a fun night of entertainment with the possibility of making a few pounds on the side. Bingo halls were so well-frequented that everyone knew terms such as “legs eleven” and “two little ducks – 22!” – common sayings by the bingo caller when reading out the numbers. You can find out more about bingo related traditions and superstitions here. Although cinemas had been common sights on every high street throughout the nation, when TV sets found their way into British homes, cinemas closed in droves. Many of them were replaced by bingo halls. Many of these refurbished venues are still in existence today and are just as popular with the public as they ever were.

Brits and Bingo Today

The British love of bingo is still going strong, and there are many bingo halls still found nationwide. Especially popular with older women, the big-name bingo companies are still snapping up large venues and working on strategies to appeal to a wider audience, focusing on making bingo a real night out in every sense. Clubs now run themed nights with a musical twist, drag shows or drink promotions. The result has been that bingo halls are just as frequented as they ever were, with younger people getting involved with the game and falling in love with the possibility of winning big money prizes.

Bingo – The Online Experience

Bingo halls aren’t the only way to enjoy the UK bingo experience. These days, many people are now choosing to get their bingo fix online. Once the Smoke Free Law was introduced in the UK, bingo halls really bore the brunt of the ban. With many of the clientele being frequent smokers, attendance began to decline as smokers looked for alternative ways to play without having to curb their habit. The internet proved to be the perfect solution, and with a huge surge in the number of bingo websites offering a host of different, themed experiences, smoking and non-smoking bingo players alike found fun new ways of playing their favorite game from the comfort of their front room.

The greatest advantage of playing bingo online is that there are a lot of different options to choose from and with websites such as topratedbingosites.co.uk, picking the right one is a piece of cake. As well as standard games there are other options like speed bingo or themed bingo to pick from. There are also lots of different prizes to play for, and games run all day long, every day of the week, meaning that those who work shifts, or who would rather play at unsociable hours can enjoy all the fun too.

Why Is Online Bingo So Popular in Britain?

There are lots of reasons why Brits love online bingo so much. Perhaps the top reason is the fact that they can actually save money by playing from home. With no need to pay out for buses, taxis or petrol, and no need to pay for drinks and food in the bingo hall, it’s an affordable night of entertainment for anyone. Also, online bingo games can be played for as little as 1p per card – much cheaper than anything on offer at any local bingo hall.

Modern online bingo games have even recaptured the idea of the old social aspects of bingo gaming. Today, online chatrooms onsite let players enjoy the banter and have a laugh with players from around the country just like they would in person. Online bingo communities have become a like-minded, close-knit family that extends beyond local communities and across the whole country.

Although the UK’s best bingo halls offer arcade games and slot machines as well as the main attraction itself, online players have access to even more side gaming options. Bingo websites offer all kinds of fun slots and mini-games to enjoy between main games for a little extra money-making potential and entertainment.

Even the bonuses and prizes are better online than anything offered in a bricks-and-mortar bingo hall. With welcome bonuses, no-deposit offers and loyalty deals to enjoy; players can also win life-changing amounts of cash as well as smaller real money prizes and gifts like holidays and cars.

With no need to leave the house to enjoy a few hours of great entertainment, it’s no wonder that online bingo has become the biggest thing in recent times. New bingo sites are appearing all the time, and with more players of all ages signing up for their services than ever before, there’s no sign that the Brits’ love of bingo is going anywhere any time soon!