UNITED STATES—When it comes to lying some people say there is an art to it. There are those who are good liars and then there are those who are terrible at it, yet they continue to do it. Why is that? For the oddest reason in the world, there are those who tend to buy whatever is being sold.

So what brings this column to light, the fact that I have a spoiled bratty brother who lies with such ferocity, you can smell it from a mile away. What’s worse is his laziness, which irritates me to the core.  Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you. Perhaps someone should deliver that quote to the person who refuses to see that white lie for what it truly is.

Nothing irritates me more than when a person attempts to suck the money out of someone else to keep their own funds to do what he or she pleases. My little brother seems to do this day in and day out. He has no idea of what it means to work, to sacrifice, to clean, yet alone do anything. I’ve never witnessed a lazier person in my life. It’s hard to fathom that at just 21 he seems to think life revolves around him. Whatever he wants, he will always get.

Trust me; we couldn’t live together because I’d probably crack a bit of sense into him that he could never imagine. This is someone who gets up in the morning super early to go to work (his miscellaneous job) for only an hour or two. He comes back home and touts around the house eating anything he can get his hands on, while watching TV all day! I mean really who sits on the couch watching television all freaking day! Get up and do something!

To make matters worse he doesn’t take out the trash, he doesn’t wash dishes, he doesn’t let the dogs out, he doesn’t clean, heck he even gets into the shower each day without washing it out. That’s lazy isn’t it? You bet your *** it is. Perhaps the one thing that gets me every time I hear it from my father is the fact that he thinks when it comes to groceries, whatever he wants, the world is supposed to buy.

That is one thing I must say I’m proud my father and stepmom have learned. Stop catering to his needs. They no longer by snacks or sweets to fit his palate. If he wants something sweet or salty, he has to spend his own money to get it. Its not like he’s paying any bills because guess what: he isn’t! All he has to do is keep gas in his car. This kid has about $400 a month that he can do pretty much anything with, and he does nothing with it.

I feel like somewhere in my generation the lazy gene kicked in because so many people I know in their 20s and early 30s just do nothing. It rattles may cage to boiling proportions because life is too short to sit around and do nothing. I mean yeah it’s only 24 hours in a day, but if you don’t work just imagine what you could be doing with that time.

Worse, imagine how many people you could be helping if you did do something. This new generation or generation-X as many call it, don’t believe in work. I mean when I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to get my first job to have my own money. Something that was completely mine; something that I was in control of. To make things even sweeter, I became independent by having my own money. I learned how to budget, the art of paying bills and perhaps the one thing that makes me smile each day, being an adult.

Am I saying money makes you an adult? No, I’m saying money teaches you how to grow up when you have to work for it. You appreciate it a ton more because it didn’t come easy, its unfortunate that we’re teaching the youngsters nowadays as long as you beg you’ll get what you want.

In the real world it doesn’t work that way, those who are lazy never see the light of day, their potential is wasted and they are soon pointing the finger at everyone, but themselves. Being lazy is nothing to smile about, if anything it’s something you should frown upon.