Tag: Lazy

Americans Are Getting Lazier Each Day

UNITED STATES—Sometimes I wonder about Americans, it seems like each day some new form of technology has been invented that is supposed to make...

Dealing With Lazy Workers

UNITED STATES—I honestly don’t know how to say this, so I will be blunt, I cannot stand lazy people. It boils my blood to...

Time To Grow Up

UNITED STATES—For many adults, we all wish we could rewind time and go back to our childhood. There is a reason for that. It...

The Generation That Does Nothing

UNITED STATES—As parents have we become soft? What happened between the 80s and 90s, where there has been such a massive drop in a...

Lazy Workers

UNITED STATES—What is it about Americans being so lazy nowadays? It seems like no matter what you do, getting people to actively do their...

The Art Of Being Lazy

UNITED STATES—When it comes to lying some people say there is an art to it. There are those who are good liars and then...
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