BEVERLY HILLS—On Thursday, March 17, the Beverly Hills Police Department donated 119 ballistic helmets and 92 ballistic vests to the California Office of Emergency Services to send to Ukraine. 

The California Office of Emergency Services is an organization working with the Ukrainian Consulate in San Francisco and nonprofit organizations to help administer gear to Ukraine amid Russia’s invasion, The Patch first reported. 

According to BHPD Information Officer, Giovanni Trejo, the department was scheduled to decommission the police gear and The Office of Emergency Services will ensure that the donations get to where they need to go. 

The BHPD’s decision came after the Beverly Hills City Council unanimously condemned the Russian invasion and rallied in favor of any federal sanctions placed on the aggressors.

“What we are seeing now is very quick action by the U.S. and other governmental agencies within the United States, which is very heartening to see,” Councilmember Lester Friedman said. “Any action that we can take to condemn this, and the actions that the world is taking to cut off the Russian government, should be supported and applauded,” Councilman Friedman added. 

The Beverly Hills City Council vowed to investigate the city’s investment portfolio and property records to ensure full alignment with federal sanctions and granted Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky honorary citizenship in the city, a gesture in support and solidarity for Ukraine, The Patch reported. 

The BHPD’s donation to Ukraine follows the same relief aid being administered by many police departments and other relief organizations throughout the nation.   

The Beverly Hills Unified School District PTA Council began collecting essential items such as clothing, first aid materials, diapers and more to send to Ukraine. Donations can still be dropped off to any of the district’s schools until March 21.