HOLLYWOOD─Never in a million years did I expect a global pandemic to cause soap operas to air reruns in the history of daytime TV. However, it happened America and as a result we’ve been without new episodes of “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “The Young and the Restless” and “General Hospital” for several months. Well, I can officially announce that “The Bold and the Beautiful” returned with new episodes this week, after that epic climax back in April involving Sally, Flo and Penny.

Yes, “B&B” is back and it was fun to watch, however, I didn’t enjoy the return the recap premier trying to ensure the viewers knew all that transpired before the long hiatus.  Now I will admit the first episode focusing on Zoe and Carter was a bit of a snooze people. The writers have been pointing at a potential relationship between Carter and Zoe for weeks now, and it seems that we are getting closer to seeing that happen now that Thomas is out of the picture and Carter has nothing much to do. It is kind of sucky for Carter to say the least because the guy who shows up when legal issues are present and when someone is getting married. Give the guy a storyline for once people.

Back to the big cliffhanger, Flo, who has suddenly become a moral compass found herself at the mercy of Sally and Penny. Preferably, Penny reacted by knocking out Flo when she threatened to reveal the truth. Wyatt was nearing the home, but Penny and Sally managed to get Sally out of the home in a nick of time. She’s now a prisoner at Sally’s apartment where she is chained to a radiator. Hmm, some would say this is karma for Flo for her role in the baby swap and I must agree.

Sally stepped her game up to a major tune, by hoping to get pregnant courtesy of Wyatt. Wyatt was suddenly falling for the moves that Sally made on him, but before the week culminated Flo found a way to get a message to Wyatt noting she was in serious trouble. Oh, I’m so glad writers are not dragging this tale out. Please let Flo and Wyatt get married and go off into the sunset. These two are so boring as a couple and as I noted Flo is not likable no matter how much the writers attempt make it happen. She never suffered enough for her role in the baby swap, and that was the writer’s mistake and nothing will change that if you ask me.

Having new episodes wasn’t just the fu, it was the fact that “The Bold and the Beautiful” kicked things off with a new tale involving a key player facing a medical crisis. Yes, the fallout from Quinn’s role in exposing Brooke and Bill’s kiss continues to linger. Bill has been begging Katie for forgiveness, just as Brooke and Ridge work on their marriage after his whirlwind time in Las Vegas with Shauna.

Well, all it takes is a crisis to cause people to question what has transpired in their life. Bill struck Steffy with his vehicle while she was on her motorcycle putting her in a life or death situation. Is this worrisome? Yes, remember Ridge already lost a daughter, Phoebe, to a car crash, the thought of losing another child could push him over the edge people. Making matters worse is the fact that his mortal enemy was culpable in the accident. If you thought Ridge couldn’t hate Bill Spencer more, this just adds another checkmark to the book people.

Will Steffy survive? Of course she will, but what will remain of her is another question. With that said rumor has it that Steffy will FINALLY get a new love interest, and it’s a doctor people! I must say I’m ecstatic about this. Watching classic episodes it just remained me the Steffy, Liam and Hope love triangle has been ongoing for almost 10 years. Yes, 10 years people, not only is that unbelievable and just baffling. It’s time for Steffy to move on with her life, as should Liam and Hope who were also back in the picture after being MIA for quite some time.

With the soap being off for so long, many viewers have forgotten where things left off, so here’s hoping the writers have come up with some fresh and exciting ideas to entertain audiences for months to come. However, nothing good was done with that promo video that gave away way TOO MANY spoilers if you ask me.