HOLLYWOOD—The fourth episode of “The Chi” started off slow, but the dots are starting to connect and moving into the right direction with, ‘On Me.’ Why am I saying that? We finally started to see some drama begin to bubble up. So let’s get the boring stuff out the way first, Jada and Darnell consummated their relationship, just as it became apparent that Jada was getting bored with Darnell falling into old ways. That prompted him to step up his game to woo his lady to ensure he doesn’t lose her.

Lanae is in a dicey situation now that her brother has been arrested and is no longer seen as her legal guardian per the courts. As a result, Nina and Dre considered the notion of adopting Lanae so that she remains part of their family and is not placed into a system that will abuse her and forget all about her. Dre was ready to sign the paperwork, but Nina was a bit hesitant people, so this could be a battle that lingers in the coming episodes.

Maisha and Jemma bonded over test taking and what they want to see for their future. This was an interesting relationship to see developed as Jemma was just in a mood the entire episode that culminated with a shocking reveal: she is pregnant! Yup, Jemma is pregnant with Jake’s baby and this is about to change both of their lives. Is Jake ready to be a father? Nope. Is Jemma ready to be a mother? Nope. How will Trig and Jemma’s father react to the news people? I am looking forward to that bomb being dropped on them.

Trig is truly getting into his role as politician as he passed out flyers with Shaad and held a meeting with residents to hear what they want to see happen where they live. It was during that meeting that Trig and Douda’s play niece, made their ‘fake’ relationship seem more real. However, it was another woman who caught Trig’s eye and he pursued her. Hmm, I wonder how it is going to look to the residents to see the man running for City Council cheat on the woman who is supposed to be his girlfriend. Trig you may want to tread lightly there people.

Speaking of Douda, he continues to push Tracy’s buttons as he made it clear that Rosalind, his wife, wants part of R.O.C.K. Tracy was having none of it, but Douda made it clear he was trying to get up under the thumb of Quentin and have clean hands for a change. Tracy pushed, but Douda pushed back noting either she follow his lead or she is out. So Rosalind is back in the picture and FYI she is sleeping with Douda’s play niece people. Go figure.

The other big news of the episode was the burgeoning relationship between Emmett and Kiesha. They are seriously bonding as single parents. Kiesha was struggling to balance school and being a mother and Emmett took a load off by watching baby Ronnie, as Kiesha worked on her paper. No kisses this time around, but the looks these two gave each other, scream they cannot wait to jump into bed together. They have a chemistry and attraction that is hard to resist.

There is one problem: Tiffany. Kiesha stayed the night at Emmett’s place and found her phone buzzing with a call from Tiffany, shortly after she had called Emmett. Yes, it became apparent that Emmett was flustered. Kiesha on the other hand hasn’t told her bestie that she kissed her ex and that a relationship could be in the works. Very, very interesting people and based on the teaser from next week’s episode something is about to happen with Emmett that will change everything. Until then “The Chi” lovers!