HOLLYWOOD—I must admit, last week’s episode of “The Chi” had me scared with some characters who felt like they were in serious danger. This week’s episode, ‘One of Them Nights’ witnessed that danger escalating. Kevin went prom shopping with Emmett as he noted he was taking Maisha to the monumental high school event. Papa asked Kenya to prom who said yes, oh, this relationship is truly blossoming.

Kevin has a potential career opportunity, but it would result in him leaving Chicago and moving to Los Angeles. Something is telling me this might be the last season we see Alex R. Hibbert portraying the character. Bakari was given a present by Douda, but it came with a string attached, stashing a load of illegal guns. Yeah, Bakari you’re dancing with a Devil who doesn’t care who he hurts to get to the top.

Dante helped Tiffany after her car was stolen and met with Rob and came face-to-face with Douda and his cronies. Oh, this is NOT good, not good at all people. Rob was NOT pleased and stood his ground against Douda. Oh, I cannot wait for this war between Rob and Douda to intensify people it is going to be interesting to say the least. However, Dante seems to have a partnership with Douda and warned him people are starting to look.

Kiesha got bad news, she was fired from her job, and it was a brutal punch that she never expected. Maisha gave Lynae advice on dealing with Jamal who wants to meet Bakari. Maisha you’re giving bad advice to another friend. Emmett learned from Tiffany that her car was broken into as a result of Douda, which riled him up. Tiff shared to Emmett that she is planning to grow her own product which took him by surprise.

Emmett was taken for a loop when Kiesha revealed she lost her job. She has a bit of resentment against Emmett for causing her to lose her position for trying to help him. Man, these two are so toxic together. Shaad thought the world was blowing up with his new job with Darnell, but the $100 payday wasn’t enough to raise his spirits. Jemma was not pleased with her prom dress, which prompted Tierra to step up to find a dress that will stun her classmates.

I guess the ladies are about to bond, just as Nina and Dre bickered about Dre communicating with her ex. The dialogue was riveting because it echoed the exact same thing Kiesha just said to Emmett. Kiesha had a chat with Dre talking about her employment woes. Bakari tried to tempt Shaad by asking him to hold a bunch of illegal guns.

Shaad was furious and warned Bakari he cannot make a mistake that lands him back in prison. He was seriously contemplating what to do. For Shaad, it was all about money, and when tempted by Bakari with that cash, Shaad took the opportunity. Deja is NOT going to be pleased if she finds those weapons, but the system, working against him has made it easy for him to fall back into dangerous ways. Emmett decided to confront Douda about the situation that unfolded with Tiffany, and found a gun pointed at his face. Yeah, the threat level has officially been crossed, which means the war is about to erupt.

Jackson gave advice to both Papa and Bakari, as Bakari spilled he was nervous to meet Lynae’s older brother. Kiesha confessed to Emmett she is going to speak to a therapist to deal with her mental struggles. She confessed that she is doing group therapy with Victor, even though she noted him seeing someone one-on-one might not be a bad idea.

Tierra and Jemma were happy with her new prom attire, but Marcus was not pleased and read his daughter the riot act. He called his daughter a hooker, which prompted a reaction from Tierra and not in the best way. Uh-oh, Kevin was mum about his date, just reveal its Maisha, who cares. Prom is more and more an event that everyone wants to be part of, it reminds you of the fun times of being a teenager, where you don’t have responsibilities.

Jamal warned Bakari to not get his sister caught up in any of his drama and to ensure her safety. Why does that feel like an ominous warning of something bad brewing? This is interesting, a partnership between Rob’s mother, and Douda’s new love interest. Oh, oh, this is juicy as hell people. Why? This woman was an investor in Bianca’s lounge. I like Alicia; she is a woman who does not bite her tongue and or mince words. Her Spidey-sense is tingling, and not in the best way for Douda and others. Alicia seems to have dirt on Bianca and plans to collect on her debt, oh, I like this plot twist.

Maisha and Jake were crowned prom queen and king and had a fun party with their pals. Meanwhile, the adults were celebrating Victor and his accomplishments. Things got interesting when Deondray got introduced to Victor and the others. So, my theory on Deondray probably being entangled with Douda in a bad way has been thrown out the window, but I can see Douda wielding his power at some point. Victor was taken aback to learn that Deondray has ties to Douda and had a conversation with Quincy. Victor warned Quincy that Douda is very, very dangerous. Wow, Victor dropped that tea to Quincy about Douda, and I don’t think he expected that.

Papa got a surprise when he stopped by Kenya’s house and discovered that she has a son. I didn’t expect that people. Bakari and Lynae found themselves pulled over by the police and it was an intense situation that led to Lynae having to be picked up from the police station by Dre and Nina, ok, what the hell happened. Just as Jamal was there by his sister’s side as well, something tells me Bakari was framed by Douda. Yeah, Papa and Bakari did not have a great night, just as the audience finally saw some emotion from Bakari who broke down in tears.

Victor received a visit from the FBI and it worried Fatima, as it looks like his ties to Douda are about to come front-and-center. Bianca warned Douda that Alicia paid her a visit and is asking questions.  Oh, he’s afraid of Alicia, and I want to see this war. Bianca got Douda to confess the truth about Q which means the walls are about to start closing in on Victor. Kiesha felt relieved when she spoke to her therapist about the struggles in her life.

Kevin hinted to Maisha the thought about moving to LA, and she was very open with the idea, and he took the gaming offer. My suspicions were correct about Kevin. Kiesha found a stash of money inside the house that left Emmett speechless to say the least. Damn, I cannot wait till next week’s episode of “The Chi.”