HOLLYWOOD—Man, this was such a good second half premiere episode for season six of the hit Showtime series “The Chi.” I was giddy watching this premiere episode and seeing all the moving parts navigate. This week’s episode, ‘The Aftermath’ is proof that if you write good TV people will salivate at what is given to them.

This war between Douda and Alicia is peaking (it hasn’t gotten there yet), but it is indeed moving in the right direction. Rob and Emmett made a terrible mistake NOT actually landing a shot against Douda who was out for blood. He wanted Emmett dead and informed Zay to send a message. That message involved gunfire at Smokey’s that placed Jake, Emmett, Papa and a host of customers in harm’s way.

That shooting rattled Emmett who unleashed a bit of rage on Kiesha and to be honest she earned it. Kiesha is just angry all the damn time about something, and Emmett called her out on it. Victor was hoping to take out Douda himself, but only came face-to-face with Bakari. Yes, Bakari is in a dicey situation because he is finally aware that he is in too deep with Douda, but the only way out is to kill Douda or to be killed.

Alicia made moves to ensure Rob, her son, was protected by moving him from the hospital to her home, where Tiffany became a guest. It was so obvious that Alicia is a power player this season and I’m ALL FOR IT! I was so sick and tired of “The Chi” becoming the Douda show, it was time for some new blood and power player Lynn Whitfield is totally eating this role up America. She is terrific casting.

Darnell and Jada tried to talk some sense into Emmett that he made a bold move, one that was beyond stupid and he has now placed a ton of lives at risk, not just his, but his kids, parents and friends. In a twist that I did not see coming, Bakari’s sister is working for Douda as a spy. She doesn’t care about her brother; she is just looking for a payday which is quite upsetting.

It makes us wonder does she actually care about Jemma or just messing with the young teen’s mind for pure fun? Jemma and Jake just feel like it is over. They are barely speaking with one another right now. Another surprise in the episode was witnessing Jake take cash from Zay, one of Douda’s henchmen. Victor warned his little brother who thinks he knows best, but it’s obvious Jake is about to get entangled in a major mess as the season progresses.

Looks like Nina and Dre’s marriage is over, and considering the actress who portrays Dre now has an acting gig on the Starz series “Power: Force,” it makes perfect sense. Emmett had a conversation with Zay trying to prove his importance to Douda’s operation, but it seemed Emmett alluded to information he has on his enemy that he is not aware of. What is that? Remember Zay was secretly meeting with Alicia behind Douda’s back. So if that comes out, I can see him being taken out. So the duplicity is obvious if Douda looks closer.

The episode culminated with Douda and Emmett having a sit-down chat where threats were unleashed and Douda was ready to take out Emmett. However, a caveat was offered. If Emmett took a life, Douda would spare his. There is just one problem; that life belongs to Alicia.

We know Alicia wants Douda taken out and it is not just about him killing her brother Q. There is more backstory that the audience has yet to be given and I’m eager to learn more. Looks like two titans are about to go toe-to-toe and I’m all in. New episodes of “The Chi” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.