HOLLYWOOD—After last week’s crazy ending, I knew the temperature on this season of “The Chi” would only heat up more. This week’s episode, ‘The Girl From Chicago’ saw Tiffany and Emmett enjoying the joys of an open marriage. Yeah, I just don’t see how people think that is acceptable, but to each is their own. You can also echo that sentiment for Roselyn and Otis. Roselyn is an interesting character; she appears jealous, but at the same time, it appears she always has an ulterior motive.

Dre, Kevin and Nina saw a therapist to chat about family drama, one of those including Kevin’s drinking. Nina admitted that Keisha being kidnapped has amplified her anxiety with worry about getting that phone call about something happening to one of her children. Jake and Jemma were curious as to why Douda was at their school, it appears their talk show caused some friction at the school. The bond between these two is growing people. Jemma was NOT happy to discover her talk show was being suspended, and the foul mouths on these kids, wow people!

Imani felt compelled to help that troubled woman who is deep into the mayhem with Nook. This is indeed an intriguing storyline to say the least America. Keisha had another meeting with a couple interested in adopting her child. Keisha had her trepidations as it was apparent she did not vibe with the couple who had a very strong religious upholding.

Jemma wanted to stage a walkout where Jake and several other students were willing to participate, but Kevin was on the fence worried about how his parents will react. That friction between Jemma and Kevin is continuing to grow people. Tiffany and Keisha chatted about their personal issues and parenthood. Looks like this open marriage is not clicking for Tiffany and Emmett because neither are on the same page about what works and what doesn’t work.

Imani got left in the cold in her plans to help Nook’s troubled girl. Jake and Jemma bonded as they passed out flyers about their walkout, as Kevin was still undecided about his stance on the issue. Keisha paid another visit to the woman, who she initially refused giving her child to as a result of a fractured marriage. So Jemma and Jake staged a walkout that turned out to be an immediate bust, but Jake had an ulterior motive to get the students out of the classroom. Papa became a sound board for Kevin who was worried about his relationship with Jemma.

Emmett was jealous about Tiffany sleeping with Dante. The green-eyed bandit known as jealously has Emmett seeing red people. Imani called out Tracy for not helping her rescue women from the 63rd St. Mob trap house, specifically in her efforts to save Trinity. This is another problem Trig just doesn’t need on his plate right now America.

Keisha experienced some pregnancy pains, and the doctor noted inducing labor might be a good idea to prevent further complications, which caused Keisha to panic. A decision was made by Keisha on who would be the parent to her child.  On the other end, Jada was prepping for chemo, where Dre started to worry about Nina discovering she’s keeping a major secret. Just like that Jemma and Jake kissed, I wonder what Kevin will think about his best friend and his girlfriend cheating on him behind his back?

Trig decided to make a move on that trap house on Imani’s wishes to rescue Trinity. Guns were drawn, and Trig proved once again he is man of the streets. Emmett learned some tough news from Jada that blew his world to bits. It was a haunting scene to watch as Jada broke the news and Emmett was forced to process that information.

Awe, ain’t that sweet, Kevin had a bouquet of flowers he wanted to deliver to Jemma, as both felt guilty about their betrayal. Dre found herself facing the heat from Nina about why she was ignoring her phone calls. She had a good cover story, as Kevin passed off the flowers for the women in his family. Emmett broke the news to Tiffany about his mother. Nina decided to check Dre’s phone to see what her lover had been up to. She learned that Dre was keeping something with Jada, too bad it’s not a relationship.

Imani learned from Trig that Trinity is dead, her persistence to help only placed that’s woman’s life in more danger. Wow, I didn’t expect that ending, but as I stated before it seems season four is the season where relationships are literally hanging by a thread people. Until next week “The Chi” lovers!