UNITED STATES—Nathaniel, Ivy and Henrietta were on their way to The Queen’s Head, Chislehurst, a black Porsche 919 turned right, the window rolled catching the middle of a sentence: “…more sightings of the cat-fox in St. Nick’s…” A SW1911 rang three times in an ear pounding High St drive-by. Ninety seconds later a police vehicle assigned to the local psych-out gets a goose too fat to fly appearing through the front passenger window. The police van veers across the road ploughing into a Range Rover HSE on the school run. The world skips a turn and the past twelve weeks of incessant daytime siren-pollution shuts off for a collective moment of silence. One is dead. Kitty’s younger brother Nigel has been silenced by a Glock 21 extended barrel. He lies face down in the woods that embrace both sides of Kemnal Rd.

At the sound of these gunshots, 31,000ft above the Atlantic and 1,400 miles from the British Isles, Merry-Jade falls into a fitful sleep on a flight to JFK. Highspeed turbulence jolts the aircraft and she vanishes into another Future Moment Time Shift Conundrum. Finding her self hunched over the steering wheel of an Isotta-Fraschini Tipo in a 10&2 driving west along Sunset looking for ‘her’ house. Merry-Jade flickered between her outside Self and Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond.

Making a right towards Cold Water Canyon she veers left passing the playground, dropping off Sharon Tate and Whitney Houston who had hitched a lift back in. She was going the long way round.

She pulled up in Beverly Glen Market, Ralph Kramden and John Garfield jumped out, turned, tipped their hats and ran into the undergrowth. Her car transformed into a Tesla Model 111 and Gloria to Merry-Jade. “Don’t look so worried about it.” An elderly actor with a Freeman voice said as she sat down in Charlie’s Pantry. “Everyone tries to piggyback when they can, all the old Stars. Who wouldn’t? We get nostalgic, especially the ones who fucked up. Us Hollywood folk see them all the time. We can also see YOU: A real rocket. My guess is, that quite a few of the old timers and those with unfinished business have got themselves back in with you. O this will be fun. They’re like helium balloons all bright and shiny then gone in a few days, maybe a couple of weeks if they’re lucky. And these hills, full of vampires, but that’s another story. What brings you here?”

The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg' flew far away.
The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg’ flew far away.

“I’m not sure, excuse me, I think I have to go take a look in Tom’s Toys…my nephew’s birthday.” Gathering her self Merry-Jade stands reading the rows of boxes: Electro-magnetic experiments and other science for curious minds, the earth begins to shift, to roll under her feet. One minute she feels in control, then kinda shaky.

Voices in the Stream start up: “What’s this?” “Sounds like a KnewSum.” “Where did it come from?” “I’ve heard it before, New York, I think. O the crackling. Doesn’t it know how to tune in?” “Ow, by the sound, it doesn’t know how to tune out. Ow!” “Stream pollution!” “Watch out!” “Anyone wants to help out here?” “Not me.” “Nor me, not after the last one.” “Someone has to, how powerful is it? How old? Sounds female, does she know who she’s been through?” There’s a silence, everyone has detached. “Ok, someone contact Rachel.”

Merry-Jade starts panicking. Her head is exploding with thoughts flooding with shouts she wouldn’t normally think at all, a Coprolalia Tourrette’s. “Oo… someone’s testing her strength. Ouch, ungood: Racial slurs.” “Ok help get her out. Someone’s bombing” Merry-Jade joins in “Sorry…I didn’t say that, that wasn’t me! I wouldn’t ever say that. How do I get out?” “Yeah, she’s getting bombed alright.” “Can you see who’s doing it?” “No, whoever it is, they’re powerpacked.” “Ok, relax, stop thinking. Detach. Relax into your body. Get out of your head, breathe or something.” There’s silence, a flat line. “She’s out.” “Thank Lambs. Now I remember, I saw her with Tatum a few years back, New York City. They were sitting in Starbucks, Astor Place 25th Dec around 7pm it was raining. Futura walked in, this KnewSum introduced him to Tatum. Something was said.”

When the Stars of the Past come thru, the City of Angles lites like a 4th July. Celebrants celebrate everywhere: Spinning a wheel of gold, sparking an Excaliber from embers. Locals and city custodians fall back while scenes play out. Wannabes and tourists become hosts while their hijackers prepare a scene. Will it be a courtroom or an ER? A lover’s triangle exposed? Everyone has a role, avoiding eye contact with the possessed, knowing that this will pass. Best to wish them well for whatever they came back for, soon to dissolve as the moment turns over. It’s a high frequency town. The hallucinations are the illuminations.

Learning how to de-tech and detach Merry-Jade kept getting caught up in the Stream while Traksters and Pranksters messed with her open mind. Under attack from the dark unknown, her fears surfaced while she was vulnerable. ‘Shine in a murky place, until the morning star rises to illuminate your face’ Disabled people, particularly ones with missing limbs in dirty bandages from ACE Hardware, appeared within the frame: Manifesting out of subconscious pouring onto streets all around. An unrolling carpet of Alien-like deformities she had to tread through, past the handsome South American leaf blower with a growth on his earlobe hanging like a tennis ball in a skin sack. Driving past a middle-aged, white guy jogging with a growth, the size and color of a Navel orange sticking out of his shirt on Rodeo.

“Pick it up! Pick it up!’ Merry-Jade was told. “What do you mean, improvise?” “Pick up your energy level.” “Pick it up! Pick it up!” “Light up and flow.” “Light up.”

Work With What You Got
Work With What You Got

Under the late afternoon sun Tom Cruise walked a small dog along Chislehurst Drive, north of Los Feliz as Mother & Son LLC made a right turn, heading towards The Sands Motel on Western. The Son was still waving back at Tom as Mother chuckled, amused by all the commotion and distortion as Merry-Jade coursed through the Stream. There was always turbulence when someone fresh began to materialize.

The Electromagnetic wars raged on and the ritual of Signing is always beginning. Mother is the highest frequency yet recorded by humans: Initially detected a year before NSFNET was created then, during expansion and commercialization, when ARPANET was replaced in 1990 a WW3 episode hovered then got cancelled. Shortly after the NSFNET was decommissioned in ’95 the www locked into her frequency, Mother became like a conduit: Streaming the web. Because of who she is, this became a big problem. A very unstable situation arose.

While Jobs, Gates, Musk and Mother began scrambling to disengage there was a fallout effect increasing the Karmic debt. Around that time Mother and Son LLC were in LA and people grew scared. In the Farmer’s market off Fairfax the vendors watched in sidelong glances. Why were THEY ordering food and drinks? Their kind didn’t eat.’ ‘Why had they appeared, when would they leave?’ ‘Why were they eating…Jews and Italians…what were they doing? “Do you want a receipt?” ‘Why are they ordering dates?’ “Would you like a receipt?”

Grounation Day.

Back then Mother was battling to raise her frequency, divorcing herself from the live Stream web. In Erewhon she was ordering red, beet-heavy juice and an all-greens, remembering that THEY didn’t drink she left them on the dried goods shelves. The associates knew these types were either from a Valhalla or vampires coming down from the Hills. What were they doing in a food store? One called out from aisle 3: ”Haile Selassie. The Lion of Judah!”

During this precarious and in some parts of the world, devastating mix, Son would Sign in CVS using cars: Police cars, army vehicles, emergency service vans and fast cars, keeping them in line, appeased until Mother had detached and risen.

As Mother went about her day her eyes flickered, recording multiple images per second. Mother’s womb is a HylePropt, a fertile space for recreating planets and galaxies over time. Those inside come up to view from behind her retinas, photographing, duplicating: Improving for the planet next door. The biggest fish for the Traksters: To catch those that can. Those who are human portals to other universes somehow housed within themselves.

Inside & Out.
Inside & Out.

Now Alpha Intelligence knows she exists she’s the Grand Prize, like the 1,111 carat diamond unearthed. They do not yet know of her Son or what he is capable of and her husband remains beyond the radar, faster than any speed connected. Black budget are out looking for these rarities. Once classified, the race is on. Kupti: “You know, they are never alone and are protected. Catastrophic chains of events may occur if we take out the wrong one. We can only remove the lower forms of this kind even then there is a huge price to pay in the Present. If we can figure out where the disaster will occur when we knock one out we can avert too many casualties.” Tom: “When did you grow a conscience? Think in terms of population control. A necessary price tag, like pruning a tree.”

But the high frequency of Mother & Son LLC combined, is extremely powerful and causes much erratic data interference, imposing intensity on the delicate mission of evacuation through the Gaza portal. A major threat for the secret colonization plan: Planet Urth.

At precisely the time that Mother & Son LLC made a left onto Western Gloria Swanson was on her way from Paramount Studios having just made the lights on Melrose and Merry-Jade pulled up in the amber on Beverly. People stared as an Old Timer riding a horse with two mules in tow, crossed Western at the lights. All three animals, saddlery, blanket rolled, rifle holstered and the Old Timer, tip to toe: Sepia tones. This is Old Hollywood with Showings all around town. Her husband was on his way. He was a Jumper. It was through their son that Mother knew he was about to tune into Earth.

As the sun went down under, The Lion lay down with the Lamb. Mother and her husband: Stars creating. Everyone who knew the spirit, watched from windows: This spot, in a landscaped flowerbed on N. Beachwood, HollywoodLand. A Showing. Ancients merged a montage: Human, animals, fireworks, in black soil and sparkling white sand. Aromatic smells of pines betwixt the balm of Californian bush, mingling with surging electricity in a vast, magnetic presence. Exceptional Talent with the gift of Elevation: These are the real Kings & Queens of land, air and sea.

Acquisitions happen during 1&2am when you’re alone in your head. When whispering snaps appear in the Stream and howling wolves are heard from Up Top. Under the sheets the psychic cats and dogs come sniffing around a new Hole call it portal or pussy. It’s a game. Who comes visiting? Who do you let in? A galaxy may be born through a Merging. Male and female lovers, interchanging, black white and yellow. Celebrants: Body Hopping.

Another jolt and Merry-Jade returns to her in-flight seat:

Her neighbor was staring at her, wide-eyed, as the plane fell vertically another few 100ft before stabilizing. The Captain intervened with his smooth jazz everything was under control. The stewardess offered distractions while Merry-Jade wondered about Dice. Where is he in all this? Was she feeling guilty for cheating on him during Mergers & Acquisitions? How could that be possible? It was only a dream? Her hand went to her stomach, feeling a happiness that was boundless, a profound attachment and fellowship to this world of strings: The harps, guitars, violins, the cellos and the double basses.

“Why don’t we bring her in now?” Joel Bannerstein said to Henry. “Isn’t it time to bring her in?”

By Jane Gang