UNITED STATES—If you’re going to try a new fruit or vegetable it’s at least important to know how to correctly eat the fruit. I’ve always been a fan of figs, particularly Fig Newtons, but I’ve always wondered just exactly what does a real fig taste like.

Lucky me while at the farmer’s market this weekend, I stumbled across some fresh figs and I couldn’t resist purchasing a few to develop my exploration of fruits and veggies I’ve strayed away from. First and foremost, the fruit looks like a small bulb, wrapped in a purplish skin. Caution: the skin can be a huge eye irritant for those who are not careful.

When you cut open the fruit, you will notice small fleshy threads, with a seed inside each one. The fruit is most popular in the summer months from June to September. The fruit delivers a high dosage of fiber to the body, in addition to potassium and Vitamin B6. The fruit has been known to combat high blood pressure, as well as weight loss. In some cultures, fig leaves have been used to help treat the insulin levels of diabetics.

This fruit does not have a long shelf life so you should plan to consume with a day or two after purchasing them. Texture should be soft, but not to smushy or it can be a sign that the fruit is not at its peak. So what can you use the fruit with? Well it’s a great additional to a bowl of oatmeal or plain yogurt, as well as an addition to salads and deserts.