UNITED STATES—If there is anybody who knows me they fully understand that I am an adrenaline junkie, I love a good thrill. I got to experience that over the holiday weekend with a visit to my city’s local fair with my family. I personally love roller coasters, but this time around, there were no coasters, but I did notice an unusual trend: spinning rides.

What did I learn? I can no longer do spinning rides because they do a number on my brain, and deliver me the worst headache possible. I got on a popular ride known as the ‘Spaceship’ that is known to utilize gravity against you. You stand against a platform with a sliding platform that moves up and down. The faster the ride spins your body gets raised to the top and gravity doesn’t allow you to move as a result. This ride was spinning so fast, as soon as it started to spin my head started to ache.

After the ride was over, I was dizzy and it took me a moment to maintain my composure and balance. I wanted a break, my niece not so much and then we got on this ride known as the Orbiter. You are placed in these seats that have a bar that sits two people. Once inside, the ride begins to slowly spin, but that spinning picks up its pace and you start to swing left, right, up and down at a speed that gives you butterflies in the stomach, but at the same time your brain gets scattered as a result. I will admit I loved it the first time around, but getting back on that ride immediately after I had just got off it totally messed my head up.

I mean I had to sit still and I was done for the day. No more rides for me because my body could no longer take it. I learned a valuable lesson at the fair: spinning rides are NOT FOR ME. I rode quite a few rides and I had my fun, but after I was ready for some fair food. There is nothing like fair food. Yeah, you can purchase the products in the stores, but they are NOT the same people, I don’t care how much you attempt to tell yourself otherwise.

One of my absolute favorites is French Fries. Hand cut fries, particularly those that are placed in a large cup or bucket for you to munch on with just the right amount of salt. I’m not a salt lover America, but I like a little bit on my fries for that flavor. No ketchup though, not a fan of it, never have been and I’m a firm believer that a good French Fry does not need any condiments to go with it. In addition, you have freshly squeezed lemonade, cotton candy for days, funnel cakes, candy apples, deep fried Oreos, pretzels, snow cones, nachos, sausage and peppers, and we cannot forget the iconic corn dog. I love a crunchy corn dog, especially with a pinch of mustard.

Plenty of you might be asking did I indulge in all of that bad food. Nope. I wanted to, but the only thing I had to satisfy my craving was a bucket of French Fries and I didn’t even eat it all. I bought a mega cotton candy and had maybe a pinch of it. It looked good, but I just didn’t want it after tasting it. The fair just reminds me of joyous times when I was a kid and when I would goof around with by brothers and sisters and whine about the roller coasters or rides that we were too small to get on, but now that we’re old enough we still chicken out on some of those rides.

Let me tell you there was this one ride that spins, but launches you up and down and wait for it, you actually flip over, not once, not twice, not three times, but I witnessed it, at least 10 times if not more. After the first flip I said, no chance in hell would I be getting on that ride! I was burned out being at the fair, but it was fun, great memories that will indeed last forever.