HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe the end is near for my must-see Tuesday night guilty pleasure: Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” After 8 years, the weekly soap opera that has delivered surprises, stunning moments and captivating TV is coming to an end.

The premiere episode, ‘A Game of Chess’ picked up after that cliffhanger that witnessed Officer Justin confronting Jeffrey and Madison at that restaurant with gun in hand. Obsessed with Jeffery and refusing to let him go, Justin dosed himself with gasoline before lighting himself on fire. Jeffrey and Madison where in shock, as it was apparent that Justin wanted Jeffrey to burn with him. Nurse Madison came to Justin’s aide, and guilt started to consume Jeffrey’s body.

The paramedics confirmed Justin is dead and it delivered a blow to Jeffrey’s world he did not expect. Madison’s preaching is getting damn annoying people; it was Veronica, she pushed Justin to the inevitable and it fractured Jeffrey, who wanted to sever ties with Madison to protect him from his mother. Colby tried to lighten the mood, but it was not the time for jokes, as Madison revealed that Justin killed himself by lighting himself ablaze. Ok, we’re 20 minutes into the show; we cannot spend this entire premiere episode on Jeffrey in misery people.

Justin’s mother, wow, we haven’t seen here in quite some time. When she stopped by David’s house, he was surprised to realize this woman was Justin’s mother. Pearl is just as nutty as Justin; she believed that Jeffrey lured Justin into his homosexuality. David delivered some truths to Pearl that shocked her to the core. Madison delivered the news that Justin was dead to Pearl, letting him know that Justin set himself ablaze. Thank you David for finally saying it, “Madison, you talk too much!”

Mitch arrived at the Cryer estate hoping to have a conversation with Jim, but instead came face-to-face with Hanna who posed questions about some issues and it got Mitch riled up. Yeah, he knows that Jim is poking his nose where it does not belong. Mitch showed that he is indeed a Malone and that mafia side actually came out. Jim is puffing his chest a bit, little does he realize the game being played is about to get dangerous and we might see Mitch truly show his Malone colors.

David you really need to stay clear of this situation because you’re messing with a family that is explosive to the core and all because you want to be loyal to Jim Cryer. Hanna said it best; you are indeed Jim’s lapdog. Tyler Perry please KILL this storyline with the Senator and Charles? it is beyond boring and serves no purpose for the narrative whatsoever.

Landon you read people so well, even he picked up on the fact that the Senator has an agenda. Charles, take Landon’s advice, this guy might be trouble. Thank you Landon, the Senator cannot be trusted as he attempts to gain Intel on Candace Young. Wyatt tried flirting with a nurse in hopes of getting out of his cuffs. Wyatt is such a charmer: when he doesn’t get his way his true feeling emerge people.

Katheryn wanted Hanna to check up on Wyatt to see if all is ok, in addition, she wanted Hanna to know about her little hot piece who is staying at Wyatt’s place. Hanna was taken aback to learn that Katheryn has someone she is seeing on the side outside of Jim Cryer people. Before Hanna could handle her errands, Veronica just waltzed into the Cryer estate looking for Jim and Hanna gave her foe the side eye.

Hanna made it clear to Veronica that she was leaving the abode and she would NOT be sticking around to wait for Jim Cryer. Barbs were traded, and the Ice Queen thought she controlled things, but she was about to see a side of Hanna that she never expected. Veronica starting searching drawers and it unnerved Hanna to the core and the police were called. Threats of someone being dragged out of house were made, just as Hanna made it clear if Veronica opened one more drawer a fight was about to ensue. These two ladies went toe-to-toe, and Hanna was delivering slaps and punches like no other people. It was fantastic TV people!

This final season looks absolutely bonkers and crazy. I have no clue who is in peril, who will live and who will die. All I can say is that these final episodes better deliver Tyler Perry, because this guilty pleasure cannot get more exciting than the tease that was just presented. It looks like Colby comes face-to-face with Veronica’s plan for revenge, the Ice Queen learns Hanna is NOT to be toyed with and Katheryn might make a deal with the Devil. Until next ‘Temptation Tuesday’ “Haves and Have Nots” die-hards!