HOLLYWOOD—Thank you Tyler Perry, I have not had anything entertaining to watch on TV Tuesday nights for quite some time. Who would have guessed that some channel surfing would have perked my TV watching mood because I had no idea that the second half of season seven was kicking off this week for “The Haves and the Have Nots,” but I must say I’m happy to say the least.

When we last left off, Wyatt attempted to take his life yet again, and David was continuing his quest to bring down his nefarious wife, just as Candace might find herself entangled in a potential murder cover-up by the Attorney General. The biggest cliffhanger was Benny learning that Derrick was Candace’s father and the guy who raped his mother that is a game changer America! The premiere episode, ‘Power of Attorney,’ saw Katheryn an emotional mess as Wyatt was bleeding to death after slitting his wrist. Oh, don’t know how many times Wyatt has attempted to take his own life to survive, so this is just another mark on the calendar if you ask me.

Benny finally put the pieces to the puzzle together and confronted Candace about Derrick being her father and the guy who assaulted their mother. Candace tried to diffuse the situation, but we all know once Benny gets an idea in his head he never lets it go. Landon continues to be a tool to his protégé, who had information pertaining to Candace Young and her plans to leave Savannah. Work overtime Landon because if Candace leaves Charles will not be happy. Mitch’s family was digging for Intel on how he got his new truck and how Benny got that money for that truck. Hmm, this makes me wonder if Benny is still in trouble with the Malone clan. Sandy has a new female friend, who wanted to sever ties with him by delivering him a restraining order. Stalker alert, stalker alert people. The family got bad news when they learned Mama Rose was arrested for a DUI.

Jeffery and Madison returned home for a nightcap, but were interrupted by David who was sleeping on the couch. David did all in his power to get out of the house because he didn’t want to witness Madison and Jeffery go at it once again. Jeffery had an idea of getting back Veronica by getting hot and heavy at her home. Hmm, not so sure that is a good idea Jeffery, with Veronica you’re playing with gasoline and that could be explosive.

Wow, wait is the guy that Jim Cryer hired also entangled to Oliver? This is crazy, and he pegged details that Jim is watching Veronica Harrington. So this makes me wonder, exactly who is Oliver’s father? Landon caught Oliver in the act of hiding a secret and it raised major flags for him. Sirens are starting to go off people. Hanna showed up as the Malone family bar, waiting information on how the clan is planning to protect Benny from Jim Cryer. Benny and Candace learned that Hanna was at the bar trying to talk to his family, which caused the siblings to take off into action.

Who are all these new characters people? I don’t know who these guys are, but they are accountants for Katheryn’s estate. They are trying to get their hands on her funds to invest in their business. Too bad they have no idea that Hanna is the power of attorney for the estate, not Jim. Gosh more characters keep being added to the mix. Now we meet, Justin’s brother, Tanner who realized that all was well with his sibling. Looks like Tanner has connected the dots that Justin was messing around with guys and threats were issued.

The Ice Queen seemed a bit on edge America so she used her thug pal to calm her nerves. Her ears perked when he gave information about Jeffery being out on a dinner date. Hanna decided to puff her chest which only frustrated Candace and Benny more, so Candace made it clear if Hanna didn’t leave things would get really bad. Benny talk about Derrick if you want to get Bible totting Hanna out of the Iron Bar. Ugh, I’m kind of scared people.

Jim received a visit from his son, Celine’s offspring. Damn, how many kids does Jim Cryer have America. Jim continued to throw barbs, which only infuriated his son, who decided to pull a gun on his father and Jim stopped speaking real fast. ‘Temptation Tuesday’ is back America and oh, am I so happy!