HOLLYWOOD—Well, that theory that Officer Rory Cabrera might be ‘The Hook’ on “General Hospital” can be thrown out the window people because the mysterious villain has struck yet again and this time the death was a big one. Yeah, Officer Cabrera better known as Rory, found himself a casualty after searching for the assailant based on a tip he discovered by looking at a file not meant for his eyes.

I sensed something was off when Rory appeared at that apartment and as soon as he opened the door, it shut with a level of force that just screamed danger. At first, I suspected that perhaps Rory might be working with ‘The Hook,’ but that is not the case because his injuries turned fatal. He was aided by Dante, who rushed the cop to GH where he took his last breathe after speaking to Trina.

Yeah, it was a devastating blow for Trina who is starting to realize that the danger is very present. All the victims or those have been attacked are connected to Trina in some fashion. I mean first it was Ava, then it was Josslyn, but Brando intervened, then it was Diane. In Diane and Ava’s case, they survived, but the guy who helped Esme frame Trina met his maker and now Rory and some other stranger the audience doesn’t know. I have no clue as to who this person could be. If it is indeed a woman, the writers are NOT giving us any hints. I knew it was NOT Esme because it was way too easy. Then the sudden resurgence of Heather Webber, who just happens to be Esme’s mother became a possibility, but it seems to easy and she’s at Shady Brook, so it seems impossible for her to go in and out and attack people without being noticed.

Could it be Ryan Chamberlain? Possibly, but that seems like a major stretch, so I’m at a loss of who the culprit is which actually sucks America. The mystery presented is a fun one, but give the viewers some pieces of the puzzle so we can connect the dots because right now, we’re getting literally nothing. Trina is an emotional mess right now, Josslyn is conflicted on rather to tell Cameron she cheated on him with Dex and their relationship is over, while Spencer is enjoying his freedom, but still causing havoc, lashing out at everyone including his father, Nikolas.

I mean he punched Dex because he knows what is going on, he is in love with Trina and he knows Nikolas is up to no good. Nikolas really is because he and Elizabeth just tossed their relationship with Ava and Finn in the trash with a massive pregnancy lie. Yeah, Liz told Finn she was pregnant with Nik’s baby and Nik dropped that bomb on Victor and she is now using that as leverage against her hubby. Why? That recording of Nik killing Esme is about to haunt him. Well, at least Liz confessed she lost the baby after realizing that Esme is not the killer, but the damage has already been done. And with news that Marcus Colomo is vacating the role of Nikolas Cassadine people are concerned what fate Nik might face in the coming weeks. Could he become a casualty of ‘The Hook’ I’m starting to think so if the writers are planning for an epic reveal as we enter February Sweeps.

This is pure chaos people, more so because Esme is NOT THE PERSON WHO IS ATTACKING PEOPLE WITH A HOOK! That is something Liz realized after this latest attack because she has been stuck at Wyndemere, just as Ryan and Heather plot to make those who wronged their daughter pay. Hmm, there is a lot of people on that list, which makes me worried. I did come up with a possible twist for The Hook assailant: what if Esme has a twin sister? Is that a cheat? Yeah, but that is the only thing that makes sense for me at this moment.

There is more to discuss in Port Charles as Carly just seems to continue to undermine Drew in his mission to help Willow locate her birth parents. Carly is seriously playing with fire here, because Drew discovered that Willow has leukemia, but she has asked him to keep things mum, just as Nina starts to worry about Willow’s wellbeing. I seriously want this reveal to come out ASAP because the drag is just so frustrating at this point. The writers better plan for Nina to discover that Willow is her daughter by February Sweeps, otherwise I’m checking out on “GH.”

Carly is going to become enemy #1 once the truth come out. Her goal to ban Nina from Wiley might turn into her being banned from seeing Wiley and her new grandchild. The Brook Lynn and Chase debacle I could care less about. They are better together than apart, not sure what the hell is going on with the Cody is Mac’s son, but he doesn’t want anyone to know because he’s really a con artist. Maxie and Austin has hit a slump and let’s be honest it has been that way for months and Britt’s farewell seems to be gearing up as she plans for a massive party as we usher in 2023.

Anna and Valentin are still on the run as they do all in their power to outwit the authorities and locate Lucy before she gets captured again for a crime Victor framed her for. Lots going on but ‘The Hook’ is the biggest tale of the hour.