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Sonny Corinthos Returns On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Well, the mobster is back people on “General Hospital!” Yes, after nearly 9 months, yes, the audience was reminded of that tidbit multiple times...

Jax Learns Sonny’s Alive On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—Thank you to the writers from “General Hospital” who finally blew up the storyline involving Sonny being Mike. Why? Well Jax connected some clever...

Austin Holt Is A Quartermaine On “General Hospital”

HOLLYWOOD—So it didn’t take the writers long to drop that bomb on “General Hospital.” There was indeed a reason Austin was so immersed with...

Marriage Surprise, Stalker Chaos On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot believe with all the possibilities available that the person who has been sending menacing gifts and threats to Ava Jerome, was none...

Mob War Erupts On “General Hospital!”

HOLLYWOOD─I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was happy to see another mobster arrive in Port Charles on “General Hospital.” Sonny has...
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