HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On October 2, President Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star was vandalized at 5:55 a.m. by a man man dressed as The Incredible Hulk, a character from the Marvel Comics. The suspect used a pickaxe to destroy the star.

A few hours after President Trump tweeted testing positive for COVID-19, the star was smashed beyond recognition. The suspect, James Lambert Otis, 56, claimed not to know about this information before destroying it. Otis was also responsible for destroying Trump’s star in 2016. He noted no malicious intent towards President Trump, but disagrees with his actions. Otis said that “[his] silly little stunt, no matter how poorly thought out, was my attempt to get people to reconsider this man who lies eight to ten times a day.” 

Trump’s star has been vandalized in the past. In January 2020, his star was spray painted with the words: BLM (Black Lives Matter). The star was spray painted white covering President Trump’s name a few months earlier. In July 2018, Austin Clay, 24, vandalized the star with a pickaxe, which was completely obliterated, concaving in the middle and had to be replaced.