UNITED STATES—The debate regarding how to handle immigration in the country is reaching a fever pitch.  President Barack Obama and members of Congress and the Senate are encouraged by citizens to take action.  The epidemic in some states in the Southwest has gotten so dire that illegal immigrants are entering the U.S. by the thousands.

The big concern is that many children are arriving across U.S. borders alone to gain freedom. This is a difficult subject matter to tackle because once these children arrive without parents, what responsibility does our government have to ensure the protection of these children? We can’t just ship these children back across the border alone; that wouldn’t be best to send the children back without knowing their safety isn’t at risk.


With that being said, Americans are really torn on this issue. A vast majority believe those who venture into the U.S. illegally should be sent back, cut and dry.  To some degree, I can understand that sentiment, but isn’t this the land of the free, the land of opportunity? Why as Americans are we so quick to halt someone from having the opportunity to accomplish such things that we take for granted?

Is the population of the United States growing exponentially? Of course, there are births every second, but people die also. My biggest concern are those illegal immigrants who enter the country looking to cause problems, but its not like we can read a person’s mind to see what their plans in the United States are.  For most individuals they are aiming to escape a home where violence is at a fever pitch, the drug trafficking game is do or die, or for many children, to escape the horror of child trafficking and sex slavery.  It’s a horrifying life that many of us have no idea about.


My concern with America is we constantly talk about what things we don’t want in our country, but what precautions what actions are we actually taking to get a grasp on the immigration problem that continues to be a massive headache for our country. More than half of the politicians in D.C. have no idea, haven’t presented an idea about how to control the problem, but continue to point fingers at President Obama.


Granted, President Obama has not made a stance on the issue of illegal immigration, this is not a problem he can solve on his own. He needs input from his constituents, he needs ideas on how we can control the borders, how to prevent the constant influx of illegal immigrants venturing into the U.S. without following the proper procedures. 


The country needs to have an open dialogue on the issue of illegal immigration. A dialogue that isn’t nasty or full of rage and hate. I mean there are so many employers who benefit from hiring illegal immigrants to work for their companies, and keep the lid held tight on the secret. I mean who wants to lose cheap labor. The sad thing about this situation is the immigrants who are forced to suffer because of it. They’re in a country they’re not legally supposed to be in, and to make matters worse, they have to deal with the constant fear of their boss threatening to deport them if they don’t adhere to their demands. I thought our country was a democracy. A place where we’re known as the melting pot, with a mixture of races and various cultures who have come to get along with one another. We constantly tout ourselves for what we are, but we never acknowledge who we truly are.


The immigration crisis in America has reached a fever pitch and Americans are now taking action to prevent those from illegally entering the country. My biggest fear is how far people will go to ensure that it happens. The government has to intervene and come up with a policy, some guidelines, something that looks out for all of the parties involved. This is not just a political issue; it impacts everyone involved illegal immigrants and all American citizens.