UNITED STATES—The Los Angeles Lakers’ current season is unfolding with a share of highs and lows, reflecting both the team’s strengths and the areas that require improvement. As one of the NBA’s most iconic franchises, the Lakers’ journey through the 2023-24 season is being closely watched by fans and analysts alike, especially with the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis at the helm.

Season Performance

As of Jan. 1, 2024, the Lakers are facing a challenging season. They find themselves with a record of 17-17, placing them 10th in the Western Conference. This performance comes after losing eight of their last 11 games. The Lakers have struggled with issues such as communication, particularly on defense, as noted by Anthony Davis following a 129-109 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans. This loss marked their seventh in nine games, indicating a period of difficulty for the team.

Several players on the team have specific areas of focus to improve their performance. For example, Max Christie needs to enhance his consistency in 3-point shooting, having dropped from 41.9% to 30.8% this season. Gabe Vincent, who has been suffering from knee issues, is focusing on regaining health. Cam Reddish is working on becoming a more reliable 3-point shooter, while Rui Hachimura needs to find consistency in his scoring.

Taurean Prince has been performing well from beyond the arc, a trend he is expected to continue. D’Angelo Russell is urged to return to form and not get distracted by peripheral issues, while Austin Reaves needs to improve defensively. Anthony Davis is encouraged to maintain his dominant performance while staying healthy, and LeBron James is advised to stay productive and manage his minutes to avoid fatigue.

The Lakers have a homestand coming up, which could be an opportunity to improve their standings and address these issues.

In-Season Tournament Triumph

A highlight of the Lakers’ season so far has been their success in the NBA In-Season Tournament. The team faced the Phoenix Suns in an earlier match of the tournament, securing a 122-119 victory. This win set the stage for their next matchup against the Suns, with the winner advancing to the semifinals.

In the semifinals, the Lakers blew out the New Orleans Pelicans 133-89. In the final, the Lakers clinched the first NBA Cup by defeating the Indiana Pacers with a score of 123-109. Anthony Davis led the charge with an outstanding performance, scoring 41 points, grabbing 20 rebounds, and blocking four shots. LeBron James, contributing 24 points and 11 rebounds, was named Tournament MVP.

FanDuel odds on NBA had not predicted such a dominant performance from the Lakers in this tournament, underscoring the game’s unpredictable nature. Their win in the championship game was the culmination of an undefeated run through the tournament, demonstrating the Lakers’ formidable strength as a team.

Key Player Performances and Contributions

Key players like Anthony Davis and LeBron James have been pivotal in the Lakers’ successes. Anthony Davis has been a standout performer this season, averaging 25.0 points, 12.3 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game. His presence on the court has been vital for the Lakers, contributing significantly to their successes.

Head coach Darvin Ham has also expressed enthusiasm for the team’s participation in the In-Season Tournament, recognizing it as an opportunity to add a competitive edge to their games. Davis’ exceptional performance in the In-Season Tournament and James’ consistent contributions highlight their importance to the team. For those involved in fantasy basketball, these players have been invaluable assets, contributing significantly to their fantasy teams’ success.


The Los Angeles Lakers’ journey through the 2023-24 season is shaping up to be a mix of promising victories and areas for growth. Their performance in the In-Season Tournament, coupled with their regular season games, will be crucial in determining their standing as the season progresses. With key players like Anthony Davis leading the charge and a motivated team under Coach Darvin Ham, the Lakers are striving to find consistency and reach the heights their fans expect from this celebrated franchise.