UNITED STATES—Speaking the truth can sometimes be a good thing, but at other times it opens the floor for debates that are never ending. When it comes to speaking your opinion, every American does so without even considering what they are saying before actually saying it. I will argue some people are a bit hesitant to speak the truth when a public forum or a camera is placed on them. Why is that? Well everyone is hearing exactly what you say, you can’t back track.

When it comes to social media, gosh the world of opinionated thoughts explodes in ways that one can never expect. Some people are willing to place their pictures next to their commentary, others not so much. Those without pics make it evident that they don’t want a picture matched to that comment that may raise eyebrows.

I’ve been advocating for people to have to include email addresses or home addresses when they chose to make silly or ignorant comments. The idea of comments is for people to voice their opinion, but we live in this sphere where people are just hateful to be hateful.

I’ve gone to websites where you see people simply stay on a site commenting back and forth with people who disagree with what they have posted. The notion of a comment is not for someone to go back and forth with someone else, the goal is for you to make your thoughts be heard and keep it moving. Many sites that allow social commentary has manifested to arguing on the Internet.

Yes, I know what most of you are thinking. That is absolutely ridiculous, but guess what, it happens a lot more than one would suspect. Someone makes an ignorant comment and 40 people respond to that comment and then the person who made the initial comment goes back and forth for minutes if not hours with others.

Who has time for this crap? You are seriously spending a bulk of your day arguing over a comment someone made on the Internet. I hate to say this, but if you are doing this that means you need to get a life. I hate that Americans aren’t more perceptive to the words they choose to share with the American public.

There are ways to have your voice heard without being overtly rude, disrespectful or nasty. We have become a more social culture, one where people are somewhat stoned if their ‘opinion’ does not match what the rest of America thinks. Just look at the chaos that erupted when Americans discovered all of the nastiness that took place during “Big Brother 15.” Gosh, the contestants that season were just horrid. I was so happy to see people with such hatred in their hearts learn the hard way that being racist, sexist and just despicable can result in serious consequences.

The unfortunate side effect about making your ‘feelings’ be known in public media is that you can’t take it away. Once you post something on the net, you can’t escape it. Once it’s captured on video, you’re in trouble. America your opinion matters, but think carefully about what you say and do before you do it.

There are indeed consequences for your actions, even if you think there are not. Remember sometimes the idea of cause and effect doesn’t always transpire right away, it sometimes hits you when you least expect it to.