WESTWOOD—An organization based in L.A. announced on August 10 that applications are open for “The Opportunity House,” a project which can give college students experiencing homelessness a place to stay.

On August 11, organization Los Angeles Room & Board announced that they are looking for applicants to “The Opportunity House,” a project which will provide stability and support to resilient students in pursuit of their college degree. They will give college students guaranteed housing for two years and healthy and nutritious meals, and their community partners will provide tutoring and academic mentorship, mental health and wellness, job training and career development, financial literacy, and more, according to Los Angeles Room & Board.

In terms of application, students must know the things below:

  • The Opportunity House is an alcohol, drug, and substance-free home.
  • Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited and fills up fast.
  • They must read the LA Room & Board Student Guide before submitting the application.
  • All students including students who identify as transgender, genderqueer or gender non-conforming are promised to be provided with welcoming environment. Trans students should contact OpportunityHouse@larnb.org before application to inquire about space availability.

Sam Prater, a founder of the organization states in a video posted in January that the housing and food insecurity among college students in LA is “a real crisis.” He explains one in five communities college students are experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness, and there’ll be a deficit of 1 million college educated workers for the implications of food and housing insecurity and homelessness by 2030, according to the California Budget and Policy Center’s forecast.

For rates and room information, contact OpportunityHouse@larnb.org