HOLLYWOOD—Well that was a short hiatus because Tyler Perry’s newest guilty pleasure “The Oval” kicked off its third season on Tuesday picking up where that cliffhanger left off with bullets flying at The President of the United States and the First Lady. The premiere episode, ‘An Eye for an Eye’ revealed that Agent Morris was killed trying to protect the titans.

The gunman was captured and Hunter was adamant to see the perpetrator, just as Sam and Donald tried to advise the annoying couple who traded barbs during a time when they should be worried about surviving. Hunter was aware that Donald is actually gay and it was apparent that Victoria was getting underneath people’s skin in the worst possible way.

Kareem and Sharon arrived at the pharmacy and were stunned to see Dale lying bloody behind the counter and phoned 911 for help. Ellie and Allan’s relationship remains tense as his jealous side continued to rear its ugly head, but the conversation was halted with phone calls alerting of a crisis at The White House. Kyle got some news from Donald that didn’t make him happy, just as Priscilla finally decided to share the tea with Nancy about her marriage with Sam and Victoria Franklin. Nancy was speechless when that truth bomb was put in her lap.

When Priscilla learned about the shooting at The White House she went into panic mode. Once again, Jason proved to be sick and decided to pleasure himself in front of Alonzo, who wanted to react by ripping the kids head off, but he did everything in his power to restrain himself. Blakely and Max discovered that an attack was made on the POTUS. So all this time I thought Bobby shot at the Commander in Chief, but it was someone else, but the question is who took the fall people?

Bobby didn’t think their current hideout was secure so they vacated the premises. Oh, Donald things just aren’t going your way, as the people who can take you down. Well, when Kyle wants to take out the President that is not a good thing. Kyle is well aware that Donald’s former flame was in the office and he discovered that Dale’s life was in peril. Kyle was disgusted by Donald’s actions, so it is apparent we now know who the big bad is people.

Victoria continued to heavily flirt with Sam, who did all in his power to resist her advances, but it was apparent that he was still attracted to her. Jason traded quips with his mother, but it only unleashed Victoria’s evil side, as he made jokes about their sexcapade. Alonzo wanted to be taken off the First Lady detail. Sam learned of the disturbing actions of Jason and it was clear Alonzo was ready to break Jason’s jaw if not removed from his current duty.

Richard tried to talk some sense into Barry, who couldn’t find the location to the compound and pissed off a pal of his in the process. So it’s possible that Dale might survive, but it was apparent that Kyle stumbled upon a disturbing scene that left him speechless. Sharon realized that Kyle was the guy who Dale mentioned was bothering him, and she thinks he is the guilty party. Sharon your instincts are strong, but your read is off. Kyle was angry people, very angry and it was apparent he was out for blood, and I don’t think things will be good for Donald as a result people.

Nancy wanted to prove her love and loyalty to Richard, who after countless episodes of anger and just hate, seemed to finally give in on battling against his wife. Jason spooked Victoria by sneaking into her room. He asked about Gail and she explained he’ll be headed to the same place as his sister, as he continued to point threats at his beloved. Victoria was spooked by an unknown presence before the episode culminated. Ok, interesting premiere episode people and next week’s tease looks to continue to elevate the drama with Victoria coming onto Allan. Interesting. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!