HOLLYWOOD—The chaos continues on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” as Kyle and Donald realized they have been duped thanks to Sam. This week’s episode, ‘A Snake in the Grass’ forced Donald to realized that Lilly helped his ‘officer’ escape and Kyle even questioned if he could trust Donald. Oh, Kyle suspects his secret lover might be up to no good; interesting.

Jason begged Allan for help, but Allan made it clear that Jason could not stay in his apartment, but Dale freaked when he realized that Allan was in his presence. Things got interesting with Dale trying to leave and Kyle refusing to back down. Well, Dale decided to play the game and pushed Kyle’s buttons by flirting with him. Oh, this is going to work perfect for the FBI agents who wanted to utilize Dale to trap Kyle.

Unfortunately, Kyle’s arrival allowed Jason to escape, just as Lilly and Donald had a confrontation. This stale dialogue is boring me to the death. Alonzo spilled tea to Priscilla about where those drugs that were given to Hunter came from, and that Victoria was the culprit who worked with those laced drugs. Damn, Priscilla pegged that Intel quick as hell. So Priscilla and Alonzo are working together also, and she got the details on Hunter busting Eli and Victoria in the act. This web of deception is getting crazier by the minute.

Nancy was an emotional mess and spilled all about Richard and her marriage falling apart, just as Priscilla spilled to Simone that Eli is sleeping with Victoria. At first, Simone didn’t believe it, but when Eli came home and refused her advances it gave her all the confirmation she needed. She was beyond livid.

If she wasn’t aiming to take down Victoria and the corrupt administration before, she has even more reason now. Sam and Max were tailing Jason and his next move, just as both questioned if they could trust Allan (you can), as questions about Kyle and Dale’s whereabouts came to light.

Sam was forced to deal with a drunken Richard, just as Donald and Victoria sparred over Hunter’s latest shenanigans has kept her away from her husband and her bed. To see that Donald is no longer at the mercy of Victoria Franklin is fun to say the least. However, I am over the Richard and Nancy love affair; it just isn’t giving any drama that I actually care about.

Hunter had that meeting with the DEA’s wife, who dropped evidence that put Victoria right into the fire with a recording that proved she tried to kill Hunter Franklin. That second recording between Victoria and that DEA agent gave Hunter all he needed to have Victoria arrested for attempted murder. This DEA agent came onto Hunter and he called her bluff about doing anything for him. He asked her to take his gun and go place a bullet into Victoria’s head. Yeah, the agent thought her words might help the situation, but Hunter always calls a spade a spade. It looks like another murder is about to transpire inside The Oval!

However, the night capped off with one hell of a stunning request with Hunter demanding Agent Isaac to arrest Victoria Franklin for the attempted assassination of the President of the United States and have Eli arrested as well. Oh, some serious chaos is about to erupt next week on “The Oval.”