HOLLYWOOD—Richard got the shock of his life when he came face-to-face with Jason, President Hunter Franklin’s son who every suspected was dead on “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Black Stallion’ Richard really had to prove that he was an ally of Sam’s and he was there to protect the package at all costs. Jeez, this dialogue is starting to frustrate me and we’re only 4 minutes into the episode. Now Tyler Perry, you did a great job with dialogue and storytelling last week, but I don’t want to see the disturbing trend of bad dialogue like you delivered on “If Loving You is Wrong.”

Why in the world would Sam not clue in his ‘allies’ that Richard is someone who could be trusted with the ‘package’ people. Yeah, so much for Sam getting back to Nancy, Priscilla and the others because it looks like he is about to be held hostage. Priscilla alerted Eli and the Second Lady that she is waiting for an update on Sam. She spilled to Eli that the Chief of Staff aka Donald sent someone to kill her and Allan.

Allan is an idiot. Why would he not get rid of his cellphone knowing that it could be tracked by Donald of all people? Priscilla was annoyed, as was I. Kareem, Sharon and Dale tried to break thru to Allan to find out how he’s intertwined, and laughs erupted between Kareem and Allan, who have no idea how powerful Richard is. It is amazing that these people haven’t chatted before.

Kareem tried to talk Allan out of making a stupid move. These two boneheads have no idea that if they leave it could be the end for them all. Sharon, who would have guessed she would have been the voice of reason people. Oh, do we really have to deal with Donald and his arrogant attitude. He was informed he should seek medical treatment, but he was overly loopy per usual. Lily begged her hubby to let her go, but Donald he just loves to poke the bear America.

Hunter Franklin is a despicable human being. Alonzo warned Hunter that picking up hookers on the street is not a bright idea. At first I was hoping Hunter would reform, but it has now become clear he is just as dirty and pathetic as his wife. Priscilla was thinking about going to the hospital, but Nancy warned her pal to be aware of her safety. Priscilla left, soon followed by Allan, Kareem and then Dale. It seems like Nancy and Sharon are the only smart ones in the entire bunch people.

Ms. Jody was being nosy per usual, which annoyed both Sharon and Nancy. Priscilla showed up at the hospital to see Sam, not realizing she was placing herself in a dangerous situation. Sam warned his wife it was not smart for her to be around him. Sam warned Priscilla to go see the Vice President and to get everyone there. Priscilla alerted Sam that Donald tried to have Grip kill her and Allan. Priscilla if you came to dog out Sam, you should have stayed home.

Jason learned that he is being used to take down his parents just Richard learned that Jason was swapped out of the hospital with a dying cancer patient. Max finally came face-to-face with Kyle and was ready to put a pounding on him. Bobby alerted Max that Donald has Lily and he went hunting for her, as Max was finally about to get his revenge on Kyle and drop kicked him to prove a point. At least Max was smart enough to go after Bobby knowing that Donald was setting up a trap.

Richard finally returned home to learn from Nancy that everyone is gone except for Sharon. Hunter was about to get hot and heavy with a prostitute, and Alonzo realized that Hunter was dealing with an informant and Alonzo was forced to go into crisis mode. Hunter, Hunter when will you learn. More chaos erupts next week. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!