HOLLYWOOD—Things have been absolutely heating up on “The Oval.” Things are starting to culminate to a point that I suspect something epic is going to happen as this season nears the end people. This week’s episode, ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ picked up with the walls closing in on Alonzo, Allan and Jason, who needed to make a move immediately.

Alonzo and Jason were able to escape, but Allan was not as lucky as Kyle and Agent Kane held Allan hostage. Jason made a run for it, while Sam tailed him. On another note, Alonzo went toe to toe with Sam’s inside man, which led to Kyle holding a gun on him. Well, we finally got a name to Sam’s inside guy, his name is David. Kyle you’re not in control anymore and I love that someone who can beat his ass.

Kyle shut it already, just as Sam played it smart about denying his allegiance to David. The eggs are lining up for a major downfall for one of our antagonists and I’m all for it; it’s long overdue for the fans. Kyle had his panties in a bunch when he learned that Jason escaped. Max made it clear he didn’t trust Victoria who shared a moment with Eli before dropping some Intel. These two are just idiots with their unassuming theory no one is watching. Eli was flabbergasted to learn that Jason is alive and is being held.

Eli realized this is going to be a difficult tale to spin to the media and the rest of the country. Yeah, good luck with that, just as Victoria plotted something in Eli’s jacket meaning she is either framing him or spying on him. Sharon realized that something is off with Nancy who appeared high as a kite, and once Nancy pulled out some pills from her purse, Sharon realized she had been drugged. Good thing Dale stuck around to realize that Nancy is indeed off her rocker, just as Sharon took that pill from Nancy so she didn’t take another, and Dale was going to examine the meds at the pharmacy.

Donald tried to amuse Hunter, who was in a foul mood to say the least and wanted Donald out of his orbit sooner than later. Hunter called Donald’s bluff and I loved it; he might be erratic, but is way smarter than everyone thinks. Hunter thinking Donald and Victoria are sleeping together was laughable as hell. Dale arrived to the pharmacy, but discovered it was closed and contacted Kareem was coy as it was apparent that he was in limbo about his current predicament involving Kareem, who looks like he is inviting more trouble into his life.

Lilly received a call from Officer Brian, who realized Donald and Kyle ruined his life. They took his job, ruined his credit, his life is falling apart, and it looks like someone has a vendetta and they want revenge. Oh, I love this, more people are after Kyle and Donald and blood is going to be spilled people. Lilly open your eyes to the fact that you have a lifeline and you should take advantage of it.

Bobby and Simone returned back to the Vice President quarters where it was apparent she still wanted to make it clear to him that she was not interested in him romantically and that she will no longer utilize his services, he’ll be on detail with Eli. Interesting just as Eli returned home and his wife realized he’s stressed and Simon took his coat and discovered Victoria’s earring. Hmm, that seems stupid for the First Lady to plant such evidence.

Nancy had a bad reaction to the drugs, as she started to spew about Barry not being ok (she’s right, he’s dead), just as she burst out in laughter and Sharon realized it was time for Nancy to head to the hospital for treatment. Faking a pregnancy is a great tool to get Nancy the treatment she needs. Back at The White House, Allan traded pleasantries with Donald about ‘Jason’ as Allan pegged his boss might be lying to his face. A test, yes, Allan was testing Donald to see if he was lying (and hook, line and sinker) Donald dumb ass fell for it. Agent Kane found himself losing the upper hand as he was overpowered and the vehicle went into the water. Looks like Agent Kane was working for the wrong team people and suffered a watery fate.

Next week, Simone realizes that Eli is cheating on her with Victoria, Lilly finally chats with Bobby, Sharon suspects Kareem is hiding something and Sam corners Jason with a gun people, oh, yes things are heating up majorly. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!