HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Oval” was one of the best I’ve seen in the series in quite some time. It was just a thrill a minute the entire hour. This week’s episode, ‘Checkmate’ followed up on that chaos with Kyle assaulting Lilly and then Donald puffing his chest per usual. As a result, Kyle decided to water board Lilly in an attempt to get information from her.

With Ellie meeting her maker, gosh, the powers that be have to give the audience one of these wicked players on a silver platter and seeing Donald die or be taken out would be truly satisfying to say the least. Lilly did her best to plead her case to prevent violence being inflicted upon her. Allan alerted Donald that Ellie is dead, just as he discovered that the Vice President wants to meet with him and he put them on the backburner. Not a smart idea Donald, your ending might be headed your way and you will NOT even see it coming to say the least. Lilly cannot deliver information that she does not have Kyle. Lilly gave some information, but she was surprised to discover that Bobby did not leave The White House. Max sensed that something was off regarding Lilly and he decided he was going to check in on Lilly. Gosh, I hated Bobby at first, but he’s the hero we need and want and Max is tagging along. C’mon let’s save Lilly people, she needs you both.

Barry was left pondering his thoughts about how stupid he is for allowing that women to take Ruth’s money. He wanted Sharon to call out his bad behavior, but she refused to do so considering her predicament. Donald stopped by to see Allan who he discovered was not in the best state of mind. Allan spilled tea that he suspected that the First Lady was responsible. He questioned rather he could trust Donald (the answer is no people). Allan explained that Victoria wanted him to beat Ellie with a bat and that an agent was sent to his apartment to put a beating on him. Allan you are talking way too much and Donald is not a pal of yours.

Richard advised Sharon to stay at his place, but she acknowledged Barry and her are not getting along. When Hunter discovered that Ellie was fatally shot, he knew that Victoria played a role in her demise. She did not seem remorseful to say the least. Hunter had a valid point, this latest stunt is about to create more issues for the Commander-in-Chief and his presidency.

Donald confirmed the news to Hunter who didn’t seem to buy what he was being sold. Donald alerted Victoria that the shooting was not clean; the sniper didn’t do a great job. Donald was angry to say the least and he called out Victoria on being the shooter and she pointed the finger at him. Victoria is attempting to be The Ice Queen better known as Veronica Harrington aka Angela Robinson from “The Haves and the Haves Nots, but she is not even close people.

The Vice President attempted a conversation with Hunter, who pushed him aside. He ordered demands on Donald who seemed to think all things were laughs and giggles. Richard alerted Sam of a bad situation involving Sharon being kidnapped by Kyle for President Hunter Franklin. Sam was taken aback by the news to say the least. Sam was left bewildered and at a loss for words. Richard let it slip that Bobby was inside the White House, but Sam had no idea and was stunned with the revelation to say the least.

Sam you need to stop talking and start doing buddy. You have all the Intel and is very aware that bad things are taking place inside the corridors; it is time to take action buddy. Victoria decided to call Allan and gloated about her latest stunt. Allan’s temper was boiling, as he called out Victoria on murdering his lover. Priscilla made it crystal clear if she wanted to murder Victoria cooking her food would not be the way to go. Victoria you’re wrong, Priscilla is not sleeping with your father, and you’re pushing buttons that are about to make this woman explode and not in the best way people.

Jason is still annoyed that he is being watched like a hawk as Alonzo found himself back on duty yet again dealing with a spoiled brat. Jason ran into Priscilla and asked for alcohol to which she refused. Jason asked for information about his sister’s whereabouts, which prompted Priscilla to pose the question to Jason what transpired with Jean. He openly admitted that he murdered Jean, as Alonzo tried to intervene Priscilla halted him as Jason kept talking and revealed that he raped and strangled Jean to death. It left Priscilla rattled to say the least. He admitted that his parents covered up Jean’s murder and things are culminating people.

Priscilla informed Richard what Jason told her about killing Jean and it started to click; Richard realized there is more corruption inside than ever before and a bomb was dropped: Richard and Priscilla has been working with the CIA for years! So this is how this woman has all this damn INTEL people! For years and they’ve kept mum; this reveal left me speechless as I didn’t see it coming. Richard was worried about not having enough ammunition to take these people down.

The Vice President continued to issue demands about meeting with POTUS and FLOTUS as Donald played games per usual people. Ok, things are culminating, with only 5 minutes remaining something big is going to happen people. Hunter did not want to meet with the VP, but Victoria was insisting on Priscilla being eliminated, as Donald tried to play referee. So this is how the episode culminates which means next week’s mid-season finale is going to drop bombs in major ways. The Vice President got his meeting with a dismissive Victoria and Hunter traded jabs.

This was just frustrating the VP who finally exploded and spilled some tea that left Donald, Priscilla and Hunter speechless. He spilled all the dirty dealings that has taken place behind the scenes. Next week looks good as threats continue to be issued, the VP might be in danger, and Max and Bobby move in on Kyle as he plans to inflict more violence on Lilly. Until then “The Oval” fanatics!