HOLLYWOOD—So, what is Tyler Perry trying to do here on “The Oval”? It was almost all but confirmed that Barry was dead, but suddenly a body that is believed to be Barry’s, but Richard is certain it is not. We know Kareem and his pal took Barry’s body and buried it, but Barry has been dead for quite some time. It’s a boring narrative at this point.

Now, the good stuff, seeing Priscilla get her revenge on Sam by having a bunch of goons beat him to a pulp. Priscilla you cannot suspect Sam not to retaliate. You might have goons, but this guy is an agent so it won’t be hard for him to locate these individuals. Yeah, the war between these lovers is far from over as this episode, ‘Coming Clean’ proved it.

So Hunter Franklin is not dead. He awoke during this week’s episode and learned he overdosed. As the doctor spilled tea, it became clear to Hunter that news about Eli being sworn in as the Vice President caused him to react before he lost conscious again. What a doozy people? Juicy tidbit with Alonzo spilling to Donald that Allan gave him the hookup on the drugs that were given to the President of the United States.

Donald, please stop acting like you’re a power player, because you’re not. You have been fired from your position, just as Lily eavesdropped on Donald’s latest conversation. Donald tried to throw some barbs, but the ones Lily tossed were wicked. Allan started to realize he was in some serious danger. Bobby and Max played whispers as they kept tabs on Kyle and the newest President-Elect. If Kyle truly thinks Max is going to forget that he tried to kill him. Oh, I cannot wait to see when Kyle sees the chickens come home to roost. This pharmacy tale involving Dale makes absolutely no sense. What is the narrative plot point with this?

Victoria and Eli basked in the glory of their victory. So Victoria was in on the drugs being delivered to Hunter? Now that is downright dirty! Things got steamy as Eli and Victoria hit the sheets. Jeez, these two are bold and can care less if they’re caught in the act. Nancy is still not well, as Richard realized that his wife might be a lost cause. It became too much for Richard who needed to vacate the hospital.

Allan raged about being attacked, and put a beating on his foe. One thing about Allan, the guy is a fighter to the core. Priscilla is going to have to be a friend to Nancy now that Richard is severing ties for the time being. Victoria and Eli were plotting their next moves, as it was confirmed that she had Alonzo in her crosshairs the entire time. Have to admit, Victoria is smart as hell and watches everyone’s moves to better her situation.

Victoria was planning to make a move to get closer to Hunter, but it all exploded during the final moments, as Hunter walked in on Eli and Victoria in the act. Whoa, that is a game changing scene that is about to have ramifications that I never expected to see coming from a million miles away. So if Hunter knows these two are in cahoots, what does that mean for everything else? Next week’s episode of “The Oval” cannot come soon enough!