HOLLYWOOD—Big changes are taking place and I mean big changes on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘Dark Secrets’ witnessed Nancy at the mercy of Jason Franklin who held a butcher knife to her throat. This scene makes absolutely no sense whatsoever! What is the purpose here? Oh, Jason was trying to reach Sam and utilized Nancy to do it.

Richard received a call from Barry’s cell, but heard no audio on his end. So who’s calling from Barry’s phone, but that diversion was interrupted with Nancy getting Sam to arrive to his home unaware that Jason is the culprit. Jason spilled his truth to Nancy, who seemed ambivalent about the big reveal, but once he learned who she was his guard came down quite a bit. Like, why is Tyler Perry trying to write Jason like some sort of villain? This guy did murder several people!

Wow, Dale really slept with Kyle, or was it all a front because it does feel like Dale has a torch for Kyle. Kyle offered to help get Sharon out of jail if Dale was willing to spend time with him. It is dangerous, but knowing Dale he’s going to do it. Victoria started to poke around and realized that Kareem owns the pharmacy that had a hand in the drugs that were given to Hunter. Victoria wanted blood from Kareem and Antonio, and I’ve never seen her more riled up.

Cal updated Desiree about the situation at hand, as she decided to see if she was able to crack Bobby and Max. Those agents are very smart, they give very little. Desiree did tease about a woman who they go to, is the one they can trust. However, will Bobby and Max connect the dots that the person is Simone? Desiree paid Allan a visit hoping to get an update on Jason, and she posed questions about Max and Bobby as she fished for information, but he was giving nothing.

Allan was a bit surprised that Dale spent the night with Kyle, and it posed worries for Allan who is always a hothead. Dale posed the notion to Allan that they’re a couple, but Donald would never buy that story. Hunter asked Isaac to help him get to his feet, but his legs are not properly functioning. The conversation transitioned to Hunter planning to fire Isaac and taking back his rightful position as Commander-in-Chief. Bobby alerted Max he needed to get to The White House, as he tended to the matter involving Simone.

Donald was gleeful about his call to The White House unaware that it was about to be the beginning of the end of his political career. Seeing Donald’s downfall and the loss of all his power is going to be such epic TV. Lilly, you are no longer about to be in prison; you’re about to be free of Donald and all his shenanigans very soon. Donald, if only you knew who Kyle spent the night with. What? Could Kyle also be getting the boot? Yeah, Donald is starting to feel worried.

Lilly contacted Bobby to alert him she needed his assistance, but he refused to indulge in the conversation. Bobby is flirting with Simone per usual, but things took a turn for the worse as she saw video of Eli and Victoria in the act. Nancy treated Jason to a meal that was interrupted by a horde of masked men in black. Next week episode isn’t offering much drama, but we’ll see “Oval” fans!