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“The Oval” Recap: ‘Behind Closed Doors’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week did end on an interesting note on “The Oval” with Max being carted away in cuffs, guess it was a smart idea...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Off Limits’

HOLLYWOOD—Victoria Franklin, damn either this woman knows how to hold a grudge or she cares zero you know what about her husband the Presidency...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Doomsday’

HOLLYWOOD—It was the second season finale of Tyler Perry’s “The Oval” and the finale brought quite a few surprises to the audience to say...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘It Hurt’

HOLLYWOOD—You want a cliffhanger, audiences were delivered just that last week on Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” How so? Dale, Sharon and Richard had their...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Familiar Faces’

HOLLYWOOD—There is one rivalry on “The Oval” that I cannot wait until it culminates and that is between Victoria Franklin and Priscilla. The First...

“The Oval” Recap: ‘Don’t Move’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended on an explosive note with a missile being launched at the cabin where Bobby and Max were...
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