HOLLYWOOD—I don’t even know where to start with Tyler Perry doing his best to intertwine his series “The Oval” with “Ruthless.” If I’m being honest, the shows need to stay separate because “Ruthless” is on a completely different time line than “The Oval” and it is not all that interesting to be honest. With that said, this week’s episode, ‘Deception’ witnessed Richard see the return of Nancy who has been drugged and apparently converted to become a member of this wicked cult. It really was a pointless scene, just get to the point and reveal rather the cult was responsible for Barry’s murder, which I suspect.

Allan was pleased to see Alonzo come to his aide, but he was stunned to see Jason in the flesh. Allan wanted to turn Jason in, but Alonzo was smarter than Allan who is a hothead. Alonzo was hitting all the high marks as he made a call to Sam to alert him of the situation, but Sam was not answering of course. Lilly still chained to her hospital bed, tried to reason with the cop looking to rescue her, unaware of the danger he’s inviting to his door. Their conversation was interrupted by Donald who did his best to puff his chest, immediately sending red flags to Officer Brian Heller.

Officer Heller was not afraid of Donald and it was nice to see a guy put Donald in his place. Brian was not afraid one bit people. Max was busy having a drink when he was interrupted by Bobby wanting to know how Kyle was doing, who just happened to enter the bar with a gleeful smile. These foes will always be foes until one of them is dead. Kyle got an update from his informant on what Sam has been up to in relation to Jason, but little does Kyle know smarter brains are at work people.

Oh, this is about to be fun, Dale and Sharon coming face-to-face with those wicked members of the cult? However, a detour was about to cause a bigger scene, Dale and Sharon stopping by Kareem’s place uninvited? Little do they know he’s trying to cover up Barry’s body from being discovered! This is the type of drama I want to see unfold. I didn’t know Sharon used to be a stripper people! So this explains her lure. Sharon is starting to think about taking on that mission to take down President Hunter Franklin.

Bobby was ready to take Priscilla up on her invitation, but Sam interrupted yet again. Priscilla invited Bobby into her home, but he realized temptation was not worth it and he turned her down. Oh, Bobby you don’t know Sam didn’t sleep with a co-worker, he slept with the First Lady. Looks like Max informing Bobby to steer clear worked on him.

Sam puffed his chest per usual and a fight erupted, where Sam got his ass beat. Sam, Bobby was trying kindly to reject your wife, but you intervened on a situation that you shouldn’t have and you learned a valuable lesson as a result. Damn, Bobby just put a beating on Sam in front of his wife. Talk about embarrassing people. Priscilla taunted Sam, and it was a moment worth watching.

Hunter overheard a bit of Victoria’s phone conversation with Eli which prompted him to request she open her phone. Victoria thinks Hunter is paranoid, but he’s not, he’s getting closer to the truth and when Hunter starts to suspect something he finds a way to get the results he wants. Yeah, Hunter is going to be the one to expose his wife and bring down everything in the process.

Back at Kareem’s place, his cousin returned with the supplies needed for them to dismantle the body. Too bad, Sharon and Dale are about to interrupt those plans people. These are two idiots trying to come up with a plan to dispose of a body instead of just coming clean that he discovered a body at his residence. Richard is smart, not indulging in eating any food from this cult that might be poisoned. Nancy and the others were trying to be cheerful, but Richard was not playing around. Richard was speaking some sound logic and I loved every moment of it. He revealed he has ties to The White House and the Secret Service and is willing to use them to protect his family.

A threat was issued and the bomb was dropped by ‘The Highest’ that his cult murdered Barry as I suspected. It rattled Richard as it became clear this cult is more dangerous than even Richard expected. Ok, the pacing of the season is picking back up as walls are closing in on people. Next week’s episode, looks like another thriller people, until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!