HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended on an explosive note with a missile being launched at the cabin where Bobby and Max were hiding out. This week’s episode, ‘Don’t Move’ witnessed Max and Bobby playing dead to prevent anyone pinpointing survival. Barry was brought to the Radushki camp where he wanted information on his daughter’s whereabouts. Ruth truly played her agenda perfectly to prevent suspicions from being raised. It looks like Barry is about to be drugged, which prompted Ruth to crack him over the head with a wooden log.

Kyle spotted a sleeping Dale in his truck and decided to play a bit of a game with him. Hmm, I thought Dale found a place, but its apparent he might be sleeping in his vehicle until he can find a place. After being pulled out of his vehicle, Dale realized that Kyle was messing around with him. Kyle offered his home as a place of residence, but Dale was very adamant that he had no interest in being in Kyle’s orbit. It was apparent that Dale was in no mood to be toyed with and issued a death threat to Kyle that only intrigued the agent that much more.

Richard and Nancy were both concerned when Barry did not return home. Priscilla was ready to go into attack mode again after Sam returned to the home. Priscilla is a woman scorned, and Sam is a man who is stupid, not realizing the danger that he is playing with. Hunter spotted that Victoria was in a happy mood, which makes me wonder what he will do when he learns his wife is sleeping with a member of the Secret Service.

Bobby was a bit cold with Lilly who refused to come to the cabin and that is a good reason, she might have died. Is Bobby jealous or doing his best to protect Lilly? Max was impressed with Bobby’s ability to keep Lilly in the cold so it raises the question of rather Max and Billy truly trust Lilly anymore. That was a hilarious moment to see that nosy neighbor of Nancy’s sweeping grass. She just loves to gossip as Priscilla stopped by and got the tea.

Nancy and Priscilla chatted and tea was almost spilled, but Priscilla would not come out and say Sam cheated on her with the First Lady, but she made it clear that their marriage is in major turmoil. Hunter was alerted by Donald that their ‘issue’ had been taken care of, but little do they know that is not the case. I do not understand the relationship between Sharon and Kareem, just as Sharon was summoned to The White House by Richard to gain information about Ruth, that cult and Barry’s whereabouts. This is about to become very interesting people.

Priscilla learned that the 911 tape about Jean that Kyle was attempting to get his hands on it. Priscilla what type of game are you playing? Try to get all the information that you can possibly can. The hatred for the First Lady only intensified as Priscilla learned he was getting closer with the fierce one who went on a run. Victoria continued to push to flatter Sam even though it was apparent he wanted nothing, but a platonic relationship with her. Richard picked up on the chemistry between Sam and Victoria, much to Sam’s frustration.

Priscilla busted into Jason’s bedroom that was up to things he should not be up to. He wanted to barter a deal, but Priscilla was not messing around, but he flashed his body which repelled Priscilla. Jason showed Priscilla the video of Sam and Victoria having sex, which brought her to tears. She did her best to compose herself, just as she came face-to-face with Victoria. Catfight round two people I cannot wait for it. The fireworks are absolutely coming next week “Oval” fanatics!