HOLLYWOOD—Ok, this might have been one of the best episodes of “The Oval” that I can recall in quite some time. Drama, intrigue, people unraveling, what more can you ask for. This week’s episode, “Glove Up” witnessed Allan and Ellie have a breakthrough in their relationship. Allan was very tempted to bash Ellie’s head at Victoria’s command.

I mean the woman was watching Allan and Ellie’s apartment. I thought Allan was about to commit the deed once he learned that his mother was in danger. Nope. Ellie confessed her sins of the past and professed her love for Allan. While this was transpiring Max and Bobby were being transported to a secure location by the Vice President while Kyle searched through footage causing alarming to go off for Sam.

Oh, it was such a treat watching Donald unravel realizing that Bobby slipped thru the cracks and he has no idea where he has gone. Donald went to great lengths threatening Lily yet again, and it frustrated her realizing that she might be at Donald’s mercy. I must say that Donald receiving his comeuppance will be one of the best moments of the series, let’s just hope it happens a lot sooner than later. Barry and Sharon had an awkward interaction, as Sharon made her presence well known, jealous? Maybe.

Sharon wanted to speak to Richard, but Kareem’s presence irritated Barry, prompting Nancy and Richard to force everyone into the home so they could talk with a bit of privacy. Sharon spilled the tea that she was in major trouble. Kareem spilled what transpired which left everyone baffled. Richard learned that President Hunter Franklin has been calling her countless times. It was apparent that Richard suspected that the house might be bugged and their conversations might be recorded.

Richard is no idiot, and he was writing things on a pad, but the audience couldn’t see what the hell he was writing because it was too damn small of a font to see on the TV screen. Richard might be a butler, but he is damn smart people, damn smart. Max and Kyle were impressed with their accommodations. The paranoia on this show is a bit much people.

Bobby contemplated rather he should contact Lilly knowing that Donald is at home and could be listening to his every word. Ok, this conversation between Bobby and Max is quite pointless in my opinion, not serving too much of a purpose. Bobby discovered that Lilly’s phone has been blocked/scrambled and it worried him. Dale questioned Kareem about Sharon’s whereabouts, which got Kareem riled up. Kareem started to connect the dots and Dale started to spill that Kyle may have been connected to his shooting and that the POTUS flirted with Sharon at The White House.

Again we have another conversation that appeared to show a bit of substance, but it suddenly started to become pointless in my opinion. Richard was going stir crazy, and had a conversation with Sharon after her clothes were washed where she shared EVERYTHING about what happened to her. Richard was taken aback when he heard what Hunter Franklin was up to and how he tried to coerce Sharon. Richard is wise people, had he not caught Sharon in time she may have spilled all sorts of details that could have placed a lot of people in danger.

Barry showed a bit of concern for Sharon realizing that she was rattled to the core. Sharon just pointed out the girl that Barry was messing around with belonged to that cult and that Ruth’s money was stolen by her. Damn Barry, you’re not that perceptive, but Sharon is. Wait a minute, how did I miss that Ellie was fatally shot by a bullet that appeared to be a hit? I know I was watching this episode from the beginning people and Allan was baffled as well by the incident that he knows in his head was a direct result of Victoria Franklin.

With the way this narrative is playing out, it feels like “The Oval” might be nearing its series finale. Jason wanted to continue to push the buttons of the secret service agent who was watching his every move. Jason didn’t like that he was being watched with every move. This kid is a tool people, just as Bobby and Max were not pleased to wake up next to each other. They received a knock at the door, which turned out to be the Vice President wondering if Max and Bobby are willing to help him take down the POTUS.

He warned Max and Bobby that he is about to go public with the information he has on Hunter Franklin and plans to use Max and Bobby as his security team as a form of protection. Both Bobby and Max were hesitant about making such a public spectacle, but I was enjoying every second of it. Things are about to blow up people and in a major way!

Donald was upset that Kyle was still unable to gather any information on Bobby and his whereabouts. Looks like someone is smarter than Donald and he does NOT like that people, not one bit. Kyle suspected that someone big helped Bobby escape. No Donald, you’re NOT as powerful as you think. Donald stop asking questions because Lilly knows nothing about Bobby’s whereabouts and attempting to threaten your wife, which you already did before will not work. Welp, looks like Donald when he doesn’t get his way he lashes out, and it might cost Lilly her life.

Oh, oh, I cannot wait till next week as news about Ellie hits Hunter, Lilly is in major danger and the Vice President makes it know he is NOT playing games people! C’mon next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!