SANTA MONICA—I guess I shall say it, awards season is in the mix and the first one to transpire took place on Tuesday, December 7, the People’s Choice Awards, actually voted by the people. If I learned anything about fan voted awards shows its proof that anyone can win or better yet, whoever attends the ceremony or knows ahead of time they’re winning, will show up to collect the award(s). The ceremony was hosted by “Saturday Night Live” alum Kenan Thompson who managed to entertain the audience to a degree.

It was a night of some surprises and headscratchers to say the least people. Dwayne Johnson winning Male Movie State of 2021 for “Jungle Cruise?” Um, did anyone see that movie, I think it was critical failure and didn’t impress audiences either. He also won the Comedy Movie Star of 2021 prize for “Jungle Cruise” over Eddie Murphy? Yeah, the fans really voted for this one. I was pleased to see Scarlet Johansson take the prize for Female Movie Star of 2021 for “Black Widow” and Movie of 2021 because it was an entertaining flick to say the least.

“Free Guy” took home the price for Comedy Movie of 2021, while “Cruella” winning Drama Movie of 2021 was a headscratcher. I didn’t really see it as a drama, but I guess I can see it. However, my question was how in the hell does “Halloween Kills” a horror movie and “Old” another thriller end up in that category. Things were NOT making sense in how some of the nominees were selected. “Halloween Kills” is definitely not a drama its full-blown horror people. “Luca” took home the Family 2021 movie, while “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” won for Action Movie of 2021.

On the TV side, “Loki” won the TV prize for 2021, while “Grey’s Anatomy” won the drama prize for 2021 and proves why this show has been airing since 2004 if I’m not mistaken. “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” won Reality Show for 2021, and the show is not that entertaining because everyone is always posting what has transpired on social media before the show even airs. Kim Kardashian won the Fashion Icon award, while Christina Aguilera was honored with the Music Icon Award. Damn this woman can sing and why hasn’t she put out more pop hits because her voice is amazing.

Actress Halle Berry received the People’s Icon prize, which was presented to her by Cardi B, be advised Berry has her directorial debut “Bruised” which is earning plenty of awards buzz. “Squid Game” won for Bingeworthy Show of 2021, while Ellen DeGeneres won the award for Daytime Talk Show 2021. Lil Nas X won Male Artist of 2021, while Adele won Female Artist of 2021. Adele literally just came out with music a few weeks ago people. Again make that victory make sense for me? I can understand the love for BTS for Group of 2021 because they absolutely earned it, as well as Olivia Rodrigo winning for Album of 2021 and New Artist.

Overall, the 2021 People’s Choice Awards didn’t tell me anything to blow my socks off of what to expect for the upcoming awards season. If anything it told me everyone has a different taste.