HOLLYWOOD—Things are getting interesting on the Tyler Perry series “The Oval.” Priscilla was caught snooping by Jason in his bedroom and she quickly recovered posing questions about Jean which made Jason uncomfortable to say the least in the episode ‘Malicious Intent.’ It was apparent that Jason was rattled and Priscilla immediately picked up on the tension in the room.

I love Priscilla. It is apparent that she knows Jason might have a secret he is hiding and I can tell she will get down to the bottom of things. Priscilla knows how to push buttons and get information without giving it, even when Jason coyly attempted to threaten her.

Sam was summoned by the First Lady who wanted to apologize for her previous actions. We keep hearing about Victoria’s father, but I cannot wait until we finally get the opportunity to see this promising character in the flesh. Victoria was fishing for information and Sam was not willing to give out details. Sam is getting closer to Victoria, even though he feels apprehensive about taking on a new position. OMG, these people act like the people inside The White House are saints which is not a good thing.

Catfight round two, as Priscilla witnessed Victoria and Sam in a cozy position, and she pushed a button about Jean disappearing. Victoria flirting with Sam in front of Priscilla is not a good look. Oh, I cannot wait to see this woman get her revenge on Victoria it is going to be so worth it to see this woman take a tumble. Nancy was busy snooping and found something she should not have discovered: a pregnancy test!

Yeah, Barry was stunned to hear the news and wondered if Sharon’s possible bundle of joy could belong to Kareem. Barry was in a rage wanting to chat with Sharon, let’s hope he keeps his temper cool. Barry knows Pinky is his brother, not his cousin and Nancy continued to stay mum on the truth about Pinky’s father. That is because its Richard’s brother people.

It was definitely a moment witnessing Kyle return home to find Lilly back at her abode and making herself very comfortable. Oh, Kyle you might be in a bit of trouble people and you have no idea. Lilly put Kyle’s things in a trash bag and it was apparent the wife who has been quiet is back with a vengeance people. Max and Bobby shared a bit about their predicaments, and the same with Ellie and Hunter. He was ready to play house, but Donald was not allowing the President to play games.

I swear Donald has grown some balls with his antics as of late making demands and such. Alan tried to plead his case with Ellie about Hunter not wanting him. The President did spot that bruise, but Ellie did a good job covering the fact that she was hit by her lover. Sam was worried that his wife might poison the First Lady’s tea. Richard was worried about his pal, who seemed a bit antsy.

Donald received a visit from Kyle who explained that Lilly returned back home and it left him for a loop. Kyle was worried that Lilly might have help from an outside source, which prompted Donald to dig for details via a conversation by phone Lilly. Lilly made it clear that Kyle cannot be in her presence and she did not his help with her career. Kyle is smarter than Donald and is well aware that Lilly is laying the ground work to deliver a blow her husband will NOT see coming.

Things got interesting when Alan walked in on Donald and Kyle smooching. Very interesting people. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!