HOLLYWOOD—It was the episode of reckoning on “The Oval.” Betrayals erupted, but along the ways some secrets were exposed as well with this week’s episode, ‘No Regrets.’ It witnessed Simone and Bobby committing the ultimate deed where there is no turning back. Bobby realized it was a mistake, but Simone did not see it that way.

Bobby resisting a beautiful woman; tell me I’m dreaming. He might be under Simone’s thumb now and that is not going to be easy to escape. Per usual, Max teased his pal about once again sleeping with a married woman where the person’s hubby could take him out with the snap of a finger. It was indeed hilarious to witness.

Man, I love this new side of Hunter. It is like him realizing that he cannot trust people, has opened his eyes wide open and he’s smarter than ever before. The moment I feel like I have been waiting five seasons for finally arrived with Donald getting a taste of his own medicine. Donald was fired, and he did not take the news well. So much to the point it ended with Agent Isaac using a Taser on Donald putting him out of his misery.

Hunter was about to toss Donald in the bunker, but an idea popped into his head. Utilize Donald as a mole and see what information he will spill and use those details to his advantage. Why Hunter didn’t consider spying on the bunker before to see what is going on and what is being said flew over my head.

Priscilla clued Richard in on Hunter’s latest antics, with a conversation that went absolutely nowhere. Sam informed Richard that he has the intel on Jason’s whereabouts and swore him to secrecy. The problem is too many people know these details. Richard warned Sam not to talk to reporters as it pertains to Jason. However, this feels like a game of who is playing who? Priscilla hit the jackpot with Hunter who was willing to allow her to see Victoria in the bunker to prove that she can trust him. I cannot wait to see this interaction.

Bobby and Simone are starting to share information, as it appears Simone is ready to introduce Bobby to the people she is working with to take down the corrupt administration. In other news, Kyle is still pinning after Dale who is playing hard to get. Kyle spilled some serious tea about Dale’s past as a prostitute. Interesting development, as Dale denied everything, but it was apparent when Kyle was about to make that call, Dale started to spill plenty of information. Damn, Dale’s tale is kind of heart-breaking.

The narrative is really shifting in a direction where the people I have hated, I’m starting to see a side of them that makes them anti-heroes of sorts. Donald, back in his office was attempting to understand what just happened, as Allan explained that he is not allowed to see anyone under the President’s orders.

Victoria screamed and shouted, as Kareem called her out on her cruel behavior. Kareem brought up Victoria’s daughter seeing Pinky and it immediately captured Victoria’s ears. Kareem issued a threat, but dude, how the hell is that going to help the situation The moment of the hour saw Priscilla bring some food to Victoria who was not pleased to be on the other side of power. This trade-off between these two ladies was damn hilarious; I loved every minute of it. Victoria threatened Priscilla as it pertains to her father, who has been MIA for quite some time.

Nancy received a call from Barry that had her alarmed, but it also felt like a scam. Nancy please don’t fall for this scam as you should be able to tell your son wouldn’t do such a thing from a million miles away. I mean they’re demanding money for your son’s safety. Kareem was about to make a move that could ultimately lead to his demise. Yeah, Kareem and Antonio’s plan resulted in Victoria taking a tumble and knocking her head on the toilet.

Tyler Perry, what good was you teasing that call with Nancy only to reveal in the teaser her dumb self would go to that place anyone? Looking forward to next week to see what unfolds “The Oval” fanatics!