HOLLYWOOD—It was the mid-season finale of “The Oval” and the final moments delivered a shocker for viewers. This week’s episode, ‘Recovery’ saw Donald thinking he could question Sam, but he barked up the wrong tree. Sam is not afraid of you Donald and you should know if you try to boss this guy around, chaos is going to erupt. Kyle alerted Donald he did indeed scrub the phone records for Victoria, as the situation involving Hunter is pressing; kidney failure is an issue.

Jason was pressed to make a call inside a supermarket of all places, and guess who he calls, Allan (of all people). Jason was paranoid as hell, and asked Allan for help, just as Victoria was pacing about Jason’s whereabouts. Donald warned Victoria about Sam working for Eli, and she refused to heed his warning. Victoria hinted to Donald that she has a thing for Sam, and she refused to budge.

Bobby and Max discussed the actual inner workings of the cult and Jason’s location that was likely being tracked by that motorbike. Simone invited Priscilla to the Vice President quarters where she spilled details about Eli working with Priscilla. It led to Simone dropping a bomb on Priscilla about working with the FBI to take down the entire administration. Simone revealed that Jason is alive and she had him moved. Things are getting juicy. When news about Sam was dropped, Priscilla was thrown back; she vouched for her hubby. Tea about Hunter’s condition was spilled to Simone, and it was potent (Eli cannot be trusted because he’s sleeping with Victoria).

Questions about the missing daughter arose again, so I know something big is about to come into play. Dale received a visit from the FBI agents working with Allan where the evidence that has been shrouded in secrecy was hand-delivered (the audience still didn’t get the opportunity to see it). Dale pegged the two authoritative figures were members of the FBI and they pegged he was from Virginia. The Q/A between these 3 was hilarious to witness.

Their conversation was interrupted by Kyle, who has no idea as to the danger that he is about to be in. Oh, goody, we’re seeing Kyle finally getting a taste of his own medicine and I am so ready for this. Kyle put the moves on Dale, who resisted those advances. Kyle was spilling all types of tea, unaware that the FBI in the room right over was soaking it all in, and the agents are tracking Kyle as well. I feel the endgame is beginning to near on “The Oval” and I think the series is headed in the right direction if that is the case. After the abysmal endings for “The Haves and the Have Nots” and “If Loving You is Wrong” Tyler Perry might finally get things right with “The Oval.”

Victoria and Eli planned to do the deed in The Oval, just as Alonzo placed Antonio in that bunker with Kareem, and the two cousins bickered about their predicament. Kareem you turned in your cousin, no matter what you think. Kareem warned Antonio that this administration is dirty. I was wondering where the hell Lilly was at after being MIA for so many episodes, as she stumbled upon Donald’s new pet toy. Lilly spilled that Donald sleeps with men, which didn’t take up too much of a stunner. This situation was eating Lilly up, as she felt responsible for the copy’s situation.

Hunter informed Alonzo to bring Antonio and Kareem to teach them a lesson, just as Hunter connected the dots that Victoria being in The Oval is ringing alarm bells. Yes, Hunter has connected that Victoria might be messing around with Eli. Kyle dropped a bomb that Jason was calling from within The White House, which we know isn’t true. How could it be? We saw Jason at the supermarket, unless he decided to venture to the one place he should not be.

I swear, I swear if the final moments of this episode revolve around Nancy and Richard I am going to lose my mind. A knock erupted at the door interrupting the conversation, as Richard had a surprise guest, his father that left Nancy speechless. What the hell is game-changing about this people? It was Eli and Victoria doing the deed, as Hunter caught them in the act! It changes everything; the problem is the tease is not a tease if the audience knows how things will transpire in the next episode, whenever that unfolds.