HOLLYWOOD—I honestly thought there was NO WAY, and I mean no way that Victoria and Hunter Franklin would be able to weasel out of the bombshell dropped by Vice President Eli in last week’s episode of “The Oval.” A partnership has been formed between Donald and Victoria in this week’s episode, ‘The Command Performance.’ The question now remains if Victoria and company can continue this ruse people. Just when you think Victoria is capable of being a human being she proves otherwise.

Richard made it crystal clear to Barry that he has to keep his mouth shut for his own protection. Nancy was taken aback with news that Jason tried to commit suicide. Richard alluded that going to Priscilla’s boss would NOT be a wise thing, which makes me worried people. Sam paid Kyle a visit, who was not happy to be locked behind bars. Kyle was being a tool people, not realizing the depths of the situation that he is in.

Kyle hushed those lips when he discovered he was being held on a federal warrant by the Vice President and that Donald has no idea of what is going on. Kyle is talking way too much and throwing Donald under the bus in a major way. He confessed that he was sleeping with Donald and that Donald is pulling the strings people. You just gave Sam the ammunition needed to take you and Donald down. Either Kyle is drunk, drugged or just stupid? Threats were issued and it was apparent that Sam might be planning to keep Kyle locked up way longer than he expects.

Kareem, Sharon and Dale returned home where it was obvious that Dale was struggling with his injuries. Dale received a call from Donald inquiring about the whereabouts of Kyle. So both of Donald and Kyle are issuing threats people and it worried Kareem and Sharon? Kareem wanted answers, and Dale spilled that Donald is in love Kyle and he was the person who placed the hit on Dale’s life. Kareem was laughing at first, but when Sharon confirmed Kyle was also responsible for kidnapping her, his blood was boiling.

Kareem is about to make a big mistake by going to the cops, and not heeding Richard’s advice. Allan was working real hard to try to convince Alonzo that the President of the United States and the First Lady are guilty, but Alonzo is a bit of an idiot, but at least he gave Allan that weapon for protection people. Eli was worried sick about people believing the current administration, but Simone seemed to think there is nothing more they can do, but sit back and wait. Eli might be a bit docile, but his wife Simone is no pushover. I like this character people, why it took 3 seasons for Tyler Perry to introduce us to her I will never know people. Lilly was having nightmares about Kyle’s antics, which prompted Bobby to be her shoulder to lean on and he warned her to steer clear of windows. Ok, that is beyond worrisome that a hit might be out on her.

Max was annoyed with Bobby and Lilly and to be honest it was hilarious to witness people. Kareem you may have just sealed your fate talking to the police about what happened with Sharon and Dale. Hunter was by Jason’s side, just as Donald showed up to show support and the wicked witch from the West, road in her broomstick gloating about her actions.

Donald was panicked when he could not reach Kyle who had not been returning his calls. More chaos is erupting, as Donald discovered that Kareem spoke to the police about his girlfriend being kidnapped. Max continued to pester Sam about having his one-on-one time with Kyle to get his revenge. Priscilla threw a fit when she spotted Sam in their home. He made it clear he was coming back home and she threatened to shoot him. Well something tells me, Sam’s stay will NOT be a pleasant one to say the least.

Kareem spotted from a mile away Donald and Victoria’s pet, who is a secret service agent was about to do something wicked. Things are not looking good for Kareem, but Simone has vital Intel locating Gayle who has been MIA people. Oh, things are getting juicy as we near the end. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!