HOLLYWOOD—It has been a pain waiting nearly 3 weeks for the return of “The Oval” after the last episode delivered so many twists and turns. When we last left off, the chickens were finally coming home to roost for Victoria, Hunter, Donald and Kyle, as Vice President Eli exposed the shenanigans he was well aware of and was about to take things public. Well the culmination of chaos reached its peak in this week’s episode, ‘The Dutiful Wife.’

Kyle realized he was in the hot seat as Max made it clear to his enemy that he was cornered. Max wanted to finish off Kyle, but Bobby had other plans. Damn, I was hoping to see Kyle take his last breath people. When Donald learned his master plan was falling apart, he was NOT happy people and it was glorious TV to watch. Victoria continued to be ice cold to the Second Lady of the President of the United States.

Talk about the lunch date from hell. Victoria went on a spill that did not entertain the Vice President’s wife. When Victoria realized that she was not going to get anything out of Eli’s wife, her claws came out in vicious fashion people. Hmm, it feels like she is placating Victoria, tired of hearing Victoria’s threats, the Second Lady vacated lunch to speak to Eli, but not before the First Lady snapped and jammed a knife into the dinner table. Hmm, I like the Second Lady people! Donald alerted Hunter that keeping the Vice President close is important to their mission. Hunter was against it, Donald seemed to think he knows more.

The conversation quickly turned to Hunter and his shenanigans, as he questioned him about bringing Sharon to The White House is NOT a good idea. Lilly was not in a good mental space. Lilly made it clear to Bobby that she wanted Kyle dead, but Max might have different intentions. Lilly is ready to kill people, looks like Donald and Kyle may have gone too far people.

Sharon, Kareem and Dale all decided it was a smart idea to go back to the pharmacy, but it was more so to stay as a united front to have each other’s backs. Victoria was just not having a good day as Priscilla entered the foray and the two women were in the midst of a stare down. Richard interrupted, as Victoria tried to minimize Priscilla and coin her as ghetto. These ladies are going toe-to-toe people. Priscilla poking at Victoria is so much fun people.

Is Richard seriously puffing his chest like he has some form of power? Richard bullied Priscilla to going to his house to chat with Nancy to protect his pal from doing something that could end her life. Nancy heard some strange sounds upstairs, and found Barry questioning the woman who seduced him and stole Ruth’s money. Barry was flippant and reacting with no plan in place people. Looks like some foreshadowing people, Barry might be in danger in the coming episodes.

Jason continued to lose his cool while smoking a cigarette, and the acting was a bit much, not that stellar. He confessed to murdering his grandmother, just as Eli, the Second Lady and Max and Bobby were about to make their move. Kyle seemed surprised to say the least, as he received a brutal beating from Max and Bobby and I was living for every second of it. Sam attempted to neutralize the situation, but found himself finally having to pick a side after being on the fence for so long people.

Kyle has been cuffed and is now in Bobby and Max’s custody, oh, the torture he receives is going to be so worth it people. Donald interrupted Hunter’s nap with some bad news, news that not even Donald was aware of. Um, this is Eli’s doing and once it became clear Hunter didn’t have his fingerprints on it, panic erupted. Eli, the Second Lady, Max and Bobby spilled all the tea about Hunter and Victoria Franklin and all their dirty deeds.

Victoria, Hunter and Donald were NOT pleased to say the least people. Major tea was spilled, just as Jason finished his cigarette and fled the scene. Well so much for next week’s teaser, because we know what is going to happen with Jason, Victoria delivers a performance in front of the press and threats are issued. Cannot wait till next week “The Oval” fanatics!