HOLLYWOOD—The cat is finally out of the bag on “The Oval” with Hunter and Victoria Franklin’s antics being exposed to the world people. This week’s episode, ‘Tragic Monologues’ witnessed Jason suffer another injury when he jumped from the roof and landed on the vehicle where Kyle was being held captive. Sam came to his aide, just as Kyle demanded to be released, but Sam refused.

Victoria, Hunter and Donald were not pleased that their worlds have been exploded. Donald wanted Kyle, but Sam lied, just as Victoria seemed the least bit interested in her son’s condition. Yeah, I think Sam is starting to realize Victoria Franklin is just as cold-hearted as everyone has talked about.

Inside ‘The Oval’ all the tea was spilled, and it was apparent all of Victoria and Hunter’s gloating was silenced, just as the Second First Lady delivered a tongue lashing to Victoria that had me jumping out of my seat. Hunter showed a bit of emotion when he discovered that Jason was injured, while Victoria remained cold as ever. Sam wouldn’t spill the tea on Kyle’s whereabouts which worried Kyle.

Nancy and Priscilla had a pointless conversation that I just wasn’t that entertained by to say the least people. However, Priscilla dropped some knowledge that did raise a red flag for Nancy wondering what level of power her pal has that she is not willing to share. Richard was afraid of being a witness for the Vice President considering all the information he has gathered over the years while working at the White House as an informant.

Allan received a visit from Alonzo where he discovered that Jason jumped off the roof and sustained serious injuries. Allan could care less unless Alonzo was willing to help him take down the administration. Damn, Alonzo is an actual idiot people. Well, Alonzo had a lightbulb moment people, realizing that Jason murdered Jean. Dale and Sharon’s odd behavior sent red flags to Kareem, who wanted answers. That conversation was interrupted by Richard who wanted to talk to Sharon in private.

That conversation was interrupted by Barry who confronted Sharon with the suspicion that Hunter may have been responsible for Denise’s disappearance. Richard warned Barry to stay out of it because danger is lurking. Barry wanted to puff his chest, and it only rattled Sharon, Richard and Kareem who decided to intervene. Victoria was working on delivering the performance of a lifetime for the press, just as Donald questioned what the First Lady was up to. Donald was really taken aback by Victoria’s cold heart.

Bobby, Kyle and Lilly were at each other’s throats. Lilly realized that see needed Kyle and Donald dead for her to have some semblance of peace. When Lilly learned that Kyle was being held captive her eyes brightened up and she wanted Kyle on a silver platter people. Max wanted Kyle in his custody, but Sam was not willing to budge, but it was apparent Bobby knew something was up with his pal.

Victoria took the press room to deliver an Oscar-filled performance where she ‘acted’ as if she had any concern for Jason’s wellbeing. Max, Bobby, Lilly and Hunter were stunned by Victoria’s actions. So did Victoria just throw Jason to the wolves to protect herself? Yes, she did. Priscilla was not impressed, but realized that Victoria may have saved her and her hubby from the allegations that were just thrown at them. Ok, so Victoria’s antics may have worked, but it looks like Kareem may have placed himself in serious danger by going to the cops. Hmm, things are getting interesting. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!