HOLLYWOOD—A long harbored secret has come to light for some of the villainous characters in the recent episode of “The Oval.” This week’s episode, ‘What’s Done in the Dark’ witnessed Nancy going toe-to-toe with a member of that wicked cult that has her granddaughter in her possession. She attempted to feign an injury, but found herself whacked with a gun as a result. OMG Nancy what the hell were you thinking?

Back at the White House, Bobby and Priscilla flirted a bit, but I’m almost certain that Bobby knows Sam so I don’t think he’ll mess around with his wife will he? Sam didn’t like what he walked in on, as Richard joined the party and the four discussed the situation at hand. Bobby was flirting and Priscilla was a bit uncomfortable, but it makes one wonder if she will eventually give into temptation. Sam did indeed cheat on her first.

Max issued threats to Kyle about his plan to get his revenge. Interesting development, Kyle actually seems scared and this is fun to witness. A deal was reached giving Max the opportunity to beat the living daylights out of his rival via boxing. Not sure if that is something Kyle should have agreed to.

Lily spilled her guts to Kareem about her situation, and it seemed to only anger him that much more. Could this be a new relationship in the works? I like what I’m seeing with these two America. The chemistry is indeed there and Kareem loves to rescue people. He was a bit distracted as Sharon and Dale walked into work. Sharon could sense something was off, and questions about Barry came to light yet again.

Dale and Sharon realized that Lily looked familiar, but couldn’t pinpoint precisely where they remember her from. Richard was already worried about Barry; he might have to add Nancy to the list people. The tension between Sam, Priscilla and Bobby was so thick you could cut it with a knife people. Jealously it is not a good look on Sam people, and Priscilla immediately picked up on it and played up on it. Such a treat to watch.

Victoria was thrilled with Eli’s pitch, but Hunter was pleased the theatrics at all. Hunter realizes that Eli actually likes Simone, but if only Simone and Hunter knew that their spouses were sleeping with one another. Hunter brought up Jason yet again, rattling Victoria and Donald and alarming Simone and Eli in the process. Is the audience finally about to see the bomb dropped that Hunter has been keeping? Victoria was livid with Hunter’s behavior afraid her little plan is about to explode and guess what, it is about to?

Bobby got an update from Max about his plans to pummel Kyle in a boxing match, just as it became apparent that Simone is headed back to the house and Eli is up to something. Hunter dropped the bomb on Victoria and Donald about Jason not being dead, and that Victoria killed the wrong person. Talk about a surprise, Allan returned home and came face-to-face with Jason asleep in his bed.

Allan was a bit stunned with the turn of events and couldn’t believe he was staring face-to-face with the kid who he thought was dead. Jason spilled that his parents have been trying to kill him. Allan was loud and boisterous, while Jason did his best to convince Allan to trust what he was saying. Allan is too stupid to realize that Victoria tried to poison him while he was in the hospital, as Allan threatened to call Donald, but with gun in tow, Jason was ready to pull the trigger. Jason is unhinged Allan, this is not someone you want to toy around with, as Allan tried his best to reason with the rattled one.

Kareem also returned home with a surprise, this one involved Barry, who was bloody and not looking alive at all people. Talk about a series of twists, surprises and utter chaos, hands down an incredible episode, just before the series goes on hiatus for 2 weeks. When “The Oval” returns January 3, the audience should get confirmation on rather Barry is actually dead or not, Kyle and Donald suspect Sam moved Jason and more questions should be answered. Oh, I cannot wait!