UNITED STATES—There has been a lot of chatter lately from people in my circle who have been abuzz with the concept of tipping. When should you tip and when should you not tip? It does seem like no matter where you go nowadays everyone wants you to tip. I am a firm believer that you should always tip when you have the money and you’re dining out or being provided a service. Do not be one of those people who are just cheap for the sake of being cheap it serves no value to the person assisting you and it makes you look bad at the same time.

Plain and simple, if you’re eating out, you should always tip if you’re at a restaurant. Yes, I know there can be times where the service sucks and if that is the case, the tip doesn’t have to be as large as a result. However, those waiters and waitresses depend on tips for their livelihood, so just imagine if being able to pay the light bill or to keep the roof over your head depended on tips and no one tipped? Well, you would be in major trouble America and that is something we absolutely do not want to see happen.

However, the notion of tipping is starting to pop up at the fast-food chains ones where the key word is ‘fast-food.’ I’m sorry, but I’m not tipping the cashier or the person who hands me my order at a McDonald’s people. I’m just not doing it and that is beyond crazy that some of these establishments are expecting patrons to tip. The fact that such establishments are under the guise that consumers/customers are willing to tip as well, just baffles the mind. I get inflation is striking everyone like crazy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean take advantage of the consumer at the same time.

Hell, it’s not like the prices at fast-food restaurants haven’t gone up in the past year, the price for a Big Mac meal alone costs over $10. Guess what, it is more of a snack to many Americans than an actual meal because it satisfies a quick hunger, not satiate you. With that said, you’re seeing more fast-casual restaurants that are asking for tips like Panera Bread (this is a place that is constantly talked about by the people I know), Subway, Chipotle, Qdobe and other establishments where you see your actual food being made in front of you. Could you make the argument that a tip is warranted?

It depends, but you shouldn’t have to be shamed if you choose not to when the option to tip pops up on that flip screen when you’re making payment. Sorry, not tipping you 30 percent to make me a sandwich, when I already know you’re getting an hourly rate. It is not like you’re coming back and forth to check on me. You’re giving me my food and I’m on my way. It is different if you’re delivering that item because that is a service on itself, but if I’m picking up the item, forget a hefty tip. I might place a dollar or two in that jar, but that is the extent of it.

I don’t have a problem swiping no tip on those screens if it pops up at a fast-casual restaurant where my order is completed in like less than 2-3 minutes. No, I’m not paying a massive tip for that; that is just beyond crazy and not feasible America. Not happening. With the holidays, your decision to tip the mail person, the garbage man, your barber or stylist and others who provide you services is completely up to you. If you can afford the tip then do it, but if not do not feel the need to stress yourself out over attempting to tip when you simply cannot afford it.

A tip is a plus, it is not mandatory, but if you can do it, you absolutely should do it in most cases people, unless the request for a tip is just simply not warranted.

Written By Jason Jones