HOLLYWOOD—If you thought you would have to wait for the drama to return on the Tyler Perry series “The Oval” you would be wrong. Last week was the mid-season finale that saw Hunter FINALLY bust Victoria and Eli in the act and realize they are working together. Well, the drama returned this week (I know right) with Hunter having his eyes opened wide and starting to connect more dots. This week’s episode, ‘Who’s Playing Who’ saw questions of loyalty arise.

Victoria didn’t seem stunned by Hunter discovering the truth, but Eli was frazzled. Hunter is out for blood, and it was apparent he is going to be the person that brings down his own administration. Hunter, you are getting closer to the people involved: Victoria, Eli, Donald…And he connected that Victoria was the person who poisoned him with those drugs. Eli grew a pair and thought he was doing something by speaking his mind to Hunter, but they have forgotten he has an Achilles Heel in Jason Franklin. I actually felt sorry for Hunter, but I truly like this war of Victoria vs. Hunter; things are about to get nasty!

So much for that performance, Eli is shaking in his boots because it all goes back to Jason! Here we go with the Richard and Nancy bull crap yet again, this time we finally get to meet his father who slept with Nancy. I did like Richard calling out his father on his betrayal who acted like he did nothing wrong. This is kind of funny to witness because Nancy kept the truth from Richard’s father, who was stunned by the revelation. Richard did what the audience has wanted to happen for seasons; pulled the trigger on his marriage, but not before Nancy slapped him sideways.

Oh, Donald has no idea that Allan is playing him like a fiddle, but things altered when Hunter, on crutches came to speak with Donald about Victoria and Eli. Donald played the surprise card and started to spill all sorts of tea involving Simone, but Hunter wasn’t buying it and rightfully so! Go Hunter, burn it all to the ground! Lilly decided it was time to confess all her sins and exposed all about Donald and Kyle in front of an audience. Oh, this is juicy, she even spilled that Donald shot her. I couldn’t believe Kyle and Donald were acting like no one could spot their relationship from a mile away.

Looks like something is being plotted by Lilly and her new love toy, as they spoke in Spanish, and she cracked that agent in the head with the liquor bottle, took the keys and helped the cop escape Donald’s clutches. This might be one of Tyler Perry’s best episodes of “The Oval” in a very long time. Hunter returned to his room, where Alonzo, Kareem and Antonio were waiting. Antonio started to sing like a canary, which lines up with his theory that Victoria framed him, as he was connected to a DEA agent. Antonio gave Hunter all the details to nail Victoria. This is the type of writing that I’ve wanted to see from Mr. Perry, bravo, bravo!

Sam and Agent Kane found themselves on alert and Sam realized it was Donald’s doing. He reached out to Max to alert him of the situation involving Jason. There is a tracker on Jason’s motorbike which is in DC, but the exact whereabouts are unknown, but as Sam pegged, Jason is at Allan’s apartment. Sam is a genius, Kyle and Donald are operating on faulty information as they suspect Jason is at The White House (he’s not).

Victoria is in trouble because Hunter has banned her from entering his bedroom; so much to the point the Secret Service might restrain her. This is hilarious, The Ice Queen is getting a taste of her own medicine, and if she doesn’t comply the Taser would be used. You might have barked up the wrong tree Victoria. Priscilla and Simone continued to chat over drinks, just as Priscilla got a tip from an elusive caller, where I want to know more.

Dale shared more with the agents about what transpired with him and the administration. The notion of Witness Protection was not something Dale wanted to consider. The agents wanted Dale to play into Kyle’s advances, just as Allan interrupted the conversation. Allan provided even more evidence that he recorded to the FBI who noted what he did was illegal, so it might have been for nothing.

Dale realized that he and Allan are in the same boat, just as Jason received a call that rattled him. Jason threatened his father, but Hunter spilled the tea it was Victoria who murdered that boy in the hospital, and she tried to kill him. Oh, Hunter and Jason aligning to take down Victoria that is dangerous as hell. Hunter might be an ass, but he cares about his kids, but Jason was not willing to play ball, at least not yet. Allan woke up in the middle of the night to find Jason in his bathroom. This was a stellar episode, and I cannot wait for next week to see what other mayhem unfolds on “The Oval” fanatics!