HOLLYWOOD—It seems like such a long time since we’ve chatted about my Tuesday guilty pleasure, Tyler Perry’s “The Oval.” The last time we chatted Victoria Franklin and the Vice President, Simone, were tumbling over a banister. Well the chaos in The White House is back as season 5 premiered on Tuesday and it delivered plenty of drama in the process. The premiere episode, ‘Turning Tables’  we got the aftermath of that riveting fight between the First Lady and the Second Lady of the White House.

Neither woman was seriously hurt, but Victoria requested Simone be held at the bunker, but not before she got a few slaps in. I really despise Victoria Franklin with every fiber in my blood. She is just an annoying character people. Victoria’s night got worse when she walked in on Hunter unconscious on the floor from a drug overdose. Alonzo was looking guilty as hell about the cocaine that Hunter injected; the doctor confirmed it was heroin not cocaine that was a direct result of Allan; who wanted blood people.

Back at Lily and Donald’s home, he guarded himself with a gun after a doppleganger was murdered by that guy that Donald decided to target. Donald, you’re not that skilled while holding a gun you bozo. He was forced to call Kyle about an emergency that transpired. Lily walked into the home with a calm approach that was so fascinating to witness. Lily confessed the truth about the officer putting a hit on his life. Victoria alerted Donald that Hunter overdosed and it was a red alert.

Allan and Dale both found themselves in police custody under various circumstances. Dale posed some questions, but Allan was not willing to answer. Allan asked Dale to go to his house and retrieve a box and stash it in a safe place, but Dale was no dummy. Ask the right questions before getting tied up in something that gets you into even more trouble. Dale was released from police custody after getting confirmation that Kareem is alive, but Sharon will remain in police custody.

Interesting, but I’m sorry it is time for some people to die on this series. I mean we’ve seen more good bite the dust versus the wicked, and it’s long overdue. Victoria was confident that Alonzo gave Hunter drugs laced with fentanyl. Victoria, what the hell do you think Donald and Kyle are going to do? I am over Donald and Kyle I am ready to see both of these clowns bounced and I mean bounced. Victoria was not pleased to learn that her son is still MIA and he’s headed to a place that is not safe, not at all.

Tyler Perry is seriously giving too much screen time to the villains and not the actual heroes. Alonzo spilled about the drugs he got from the pharmacy, um, Kareem’s people and how things are tied to the FBI who are investigating. Now this is an interesting development.  Eli was busy searching for Simone, who he later learned visited The White House. He later received a call from Victoria alerting him on the situation involving his wife. Major tea was spilled and chaos erupted as a result. Eli was thrilled to a degree by the news, but not quite. What angle is Victoria playing here exactly?

Sam and Max chatted about the situation involving Bobby and Priscilla. Max gave Sam a bit of truth that he didn’t like to hear. Eli alerted Sam and Max about a situation at The White House. Sam had an intuition that explained to me he knows something is up, just as Jason was corned by an armed guard at that cult camp. Oh, this is about to be the downfall of this cult because you’re messing with people who are more wicked than you can imagine. Max arrived at the premises before Sam and Bobby as phone calls were made.

Thankfully, Richard was able to rescue Nancy before things turned fatal after she tried to commit suicide. Nancy is a complete mess, as she pointed the finger at Richard claiming he choked her, when the truth is she tried to kill herself. Priscilla and Bobby had a bit of a rendezvous that got hot and heavy, but it was interrupted by Sam who fired several shots into Bobby, living Priscilla in horror. Hmm, I feel like this has to be a dream sequence. Decent premiere episode, but I wanted a bit more considering this is the fifth season of the series. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!