UNITED STATES—Today, malignant neoplasms are still one of the most difficult and dangerous diseases to treat. Despite the development of modern medicine, most countries still do not have the opportunity to use innovative methods of cancer treatment. Because of this, patients have to travel abroad for effective cancer treatment.

Fortunately, there are countries where you can get the most modern and innovative treatment today. The leading countries regarding the quality of medical care are Germany and Czech Republic. Here you can find the most modern treatment methods. Moreover, proton therapy for prostate cancer cost in Germany is affordable for patients with health insurance and self-payers.

Reasons to undergo treatment in the Czech Republic

Despite the huge number of countries offering treatment, not everywhere you can get as many benefits as in the Czech Republic. Hundreds of thousands of patients come here every year to undergo the most innovative treatment, and the number is increasing every year.

When it comes to equipment, Czech hospitals have the most advanced equipment for the treatment of all kinds of diseases. This guarantees not only high efficiency of treatment, but also complete safety for your health.

An important factor is the vast medical experience of doctors in the Czech Republic. Thanks to their professionalism, they find an individual approach to each patient, not only in terms of communication, but also in terms of choosing an individual treatment regimen. Be sure that your treatment here will be as comfortable as possible.

Disadvantages of traditional treatment

It is worth noting that one of the main dangers of malignant tumors is their asymptomatic clinical course at the early stages. For this reason, they are most often detected at advanced stages, when conventional treatment is ineffective. Using outdated methods, patients with metastatic cancer have virtually no chance of a complete cure.

That is why every year more and more patients undergo treatment abroad, where they have a high chance of a complete cure. In most foreign hospitals you can find all modern methods of cancer treatment: radiation therapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy and many others. One of the most efficient methods of modern radiation treatment is proton beam therapy.

Modern methods of treatment

One of the most advanced treatments for malignant tumors is proton therapy. This type of radiation therapy is usually used in the treatment of prostate cancer. Proton therapy has high success rates and minimal health risks for the patient. All these advantages make it an indispensable measure in the fight against brain tumors, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, etc.

Using proton therapy, doctors achieve great results in the treatment of gastric and prostate cancer. Proton therapy for neuroendocrine tumors is one of the most effective and safest therapies available today, which is why it is so popular among patients around the world.

Treatment during the lockdown

Because of the rapid spread of coronavirus infection, many countries are in lockdown. For this reason, many patients cannot receive effective and up-to-date treatment abroad. The good news is that even in this situation there is a way out. In case you need to be treated abroad during the lockdown, you may contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health.

With its help, you can undergo proton therapy for pancreatic cancer abroad even during the lockdown. If necessary, Booking Health will help you with all the necessary paperwork for treatment abroad. More information about proton therapy for pancreatic cancer and other tumors can be found on the Booking Health website.

Your chance to save money on treatment abroad

If you think that treatment abroad is always expensive, you’re wrong. With the help of the medical tourism operator Booking Health, the proton therapy for prostate cancer cost will be affordable. All you need to do to start your treatment at the best overseas hospitals at bargain prices, is leave the request on the Booking Health website.

After that the most convenient and effective option of treatment in a modern foreign hospital will be chosen for you. In addition, you will be provided with a huge number of benefits, from a personal interpreter to medical insurance.